A university room tour

The day that I moved into my university accommodation, I knew that Second Year was going to slay. I have floor to ceiling windows and white walls (aka the blogger dream), plus I'm living with some of the most kickass girls that I know. It's all looking pretty damn peachy. Especially compared to last year which consisted of a bright blue feature wall, a bed that had been slept in by at least 20 different people over the years and one very noisy flatmate. Granted, I am paying an arm and a leg for the comparative luxury - all of my fellow London based students will feel that in their souls - but it's worth it for the good vibes it's feeding me. Isn't it crazy how much your environment can change your perspective?

Being a homebody at university

Okay, confession time: I hated Fresher's Week. Maybe 'hate' is a strong word, but I definitely didn't enjoy it. We all know that I'm a total homebody/would rather sit in my room with a cup of tea and a handful of new blog posts than go to a club with people I don't know, so I guess we could say that it just wasn't really my scene. Add in the fact that I got pretty homesick pretty quickly and you can imagine that my first experience of university life was relatively sub-par.

But I actually bloody love it these days. I just willingly completed my enrollment for second year with no kicking and screaming, so there's hope for us all. In case you're not a stereotypical 'oi oi lads, who wants to come for pres?" kind of student, this one is for you. I imagined that I was writing this list for little Fresher Beth whilst she was sat in her room getting ready for a night out and simultaneously assessing her possible excuses.

If you and Fresher Beth are on a similar wavelength, here's a PSA: University gets better. It's not all about nights out and drinking until you vom. You're going to find your people. You're going to love it. And here's why.

You get to choose what you put into your mouth 

Yes, you may have to get off your butt and make yourself lunch but that lunch can be avocado, Tesco Value feta and chilli flakes on toast. Come to mama! And hey, why not eat that at 2am instead? Nobody's stopping you.

There's always someone who will say "Yaaaaaaas" to ordering in a pizza

Seriously. Always.

Yik Yak is back

I forgot about the beauty of Yik Yak whilst I was in kent because there was a new post approximately once every 4 days. But we've now been reunited and hit it off all over again. I mean, it's not as good as it was when it was all anonymous, but I do love getting updates on the kebab that got dropped outside the front of the library without having to leave my room.

You can slyly watch drunk people and laugh 

You might not want to be the person getting drunk (if you do, do you boo) but, let's be real, seeing drunk people stumble around campus from your bedroom window is pretty entertaining. Also, you get to be that totally smug person that doesn't have a hangover. "Oh, you threw up at 7am? I didn't realise, I was doing yoga."


If you're at uni, I'm guessing that you like your course. If not, soz about it - you can skip this point. I for one absolutely adore my classes. At the moment I'm counting down the days until I get back into the lecture room so that I can spend two hours talking solidly about books again.

You're basically a Beyoncé-esque independent woman

But, like, not too much of an indepent woman. I feel like a boss when I complete my own food shop for under £20 but I can also call my Mum if my card gets declined.

You'll never feel bad about your lazy Sunday ever again

Because when you look outside of your window and see a whole building of closed curtains, you know you're not alone, despite what Instagram tells you about literally everyone going to the gym and enjoying their chia pudding/smoothie bowls.

10 productive things to do when you can't function

The past few days have been a mixed bag of emotions. On the one hand, I've been all "Hello London, it's good to be back and see your beautiful lil face" whilst I fill my new uni room with all of the rose gold. On the other, getting back into the swing of independent living after almost 4 months of home-cooked dinners and having my boyfriend 5 minutes away has been a tad tricky.

I feel like all of my abilities to be a functioning human kind of wandered off throughout the summer, leaving me wondering what the hell I'm going to have for dinner and what exactly it is that I'm supposed to do with the next 24 hours of my life. Even though I know I'll get back into it soon enough, it's all just a bit up in the air at the moment. I feel like I have a billion and one things to do and all of the time in the world to do it, yet I just can't tick any of it off!

But it's me we're talking about here, guys. I can't spend my day doing absolutely nada except watching my planner slowly rot. I had to sit myself down and write a list of simple tasks that I know I can get done to make myself feel a smidge better about my productivity levels.

15 reasons that Autumn ain't so bad

In many respects, I'm a stereotypical lifestyle blogger (I have an Instagram theme, I own cacti, I bought peonies throughout the whole of summer). But, if there's one thing that I can safely say I don't share with 90% of the bloggersphere, it's the love of autumn. I'm sorry, okay? I feel like I'll probably alienate most of my audience by admitting that I tried a pumpkin spice latte last year and it wasn't even all that. Personally, I would much rather be on a beach with an iced tea and a book, instead of trudging through rainy London with soggy leaves stuck to my boots.

But hey, me wishing it would stay summer forever isn't going to stop the universe doing its thang. So, in an attempt to console myself, I decided to make a list of the reasons that autumn isn't quite as bad as I sometimes convince myself it is.

How to not be a broke student

These tips are not going to turn you into a millionaire student who can buy those giant bottles of vodka at clubs and get a Deliveroo every night. Meal planning and freezing your milk isn't going to turn you into Richard Branson, alright? Think more along the lines of not having to eat pot noodles on a regular basis/not needing to beg your mother to send you money because your student loan mysteriously vanished during Fresher's week.

I wasn't malnourished by the end of First Year and I even had some savings that I didn't spend on ASOS, so I consider myself to be nicely qualified to give you some money saving tips now that you're in control of your rent and weekly shop. Hopefully, they'll stop you from crying mid-term because you don't know how in God's name you're going to pay your overdraft.

10 Not-so-sexy facts about me

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling like the antithesis of a Girl Boss. My hair was kind of (majorly) greasy, I had more chips than polish on my nails and finding the motivation to blog was pretty much a myth. By 9:30am I was already on the verge of curling up into a blanket burrito and eating copious amounts of those spicy Walker's Mixup crisp whilst wallowing in self-pity. I think we can all quietly agree that it was not my finest moment.

But would you have known any of this via my Instagram page or blog? Would you have envisioned me in all of my greasy glory? Hell to the no. As far as all of you social media butterflies were aware, I was probably off slaying the day with a Lush face mask, a cup of coffee and relatively decent eyebrows whilst repeating motivational quotes in my head. When in actual fact, scrolling through any social media pages made me want to scream "She's already making a post-run smoothie bowl and I can't even leave my duvet without going into mourning? Why am I such a troll?"

Hence, this post was born. Sometimes it's good to break the colour coordinated perfectness and show the not-so-sexy side of your life. I don't want to be the reason that someone wonders why they're such a troll.

Girl Love #5

A few days ago, I woke up to a very rainy Greece. Not just drizzle, either. I'm talking full on thunder, lightning and the weather basically laughing in my face like "Ha. You thought you were going to go to the beach!" I'm pretty sure the swift change in climate was the universe attempting to prepare me for my return to England, but it was hard to be grateful when all I wanted to do was go for a swim.

Long story short, we were housebound for the whole day. I'd already done a Netflix binge this week (seriously, can we talk about Stranger Things?!), so I wasn't really feeling that. But since I didn't want to be a grump on one of my final days there, I decided to use my free time to visit some of my current favourite corners of the internet that always leave me feeling sparkly and inspired. The whole escapade prompted me to pick up this little series again, where I share with you some of the ladies that I think are currently killing it.