7 things you miss on holiday

If you've caught a glimpse of my Instagram recently, you might have noticed that my life has become considerably more interesting over the past couple of weeks. By the looks of things, it's all been black coffee and brunch, long hikes to romantic destinations and sunsets. Add on a filter that makes me look like I have in fact spent time in the sun and it's hard to believe that just a few days ago I was a sweaty mess fighting my way through the crowds in Athens in an attempt to get my hands on some bite cream. Ah, social media, the games you play.

Alas, as any seasoned traveller will know, no trip is perfect. Sometimes, despite all of the times you tell yourself that you should be "having fun" and "soaking up the culture", you just want a good ol' British cup of tea.

Week Two in Greece: City life and figs

Throughout my first week here in Greece I got into a bit of a routine: Wake up. Eat feta. Go to the beach. Eat feta. Have a swim. Eat feta. Shower. Read. Sleep. It was like a gloriously indulgent cycle, that I didn't really want to ever end. I mean, is there much better in this life than sunshine, swimming and consuming absurd amounts of cheese for seven days straight? I honestly doubt it. But still, I didn't want to go back home to England having only seen my feet on a sun lounger in a country that I was convinced by the limited amount I had seen was absolutely bloody beautiful. So, I forced myself to take off my flip flops and replace them with trainers as me and my boyfriend headed off to Athens for a few days to see what city life had to offer us.

How to use essential oils on your period

Just when you thought I couldn’t be any more of a massive hippie, here I am writing a post about the benefits of using essential oils whilst on your period. Someone get me a sarong and teach me how to do a headstand.

Listen, I know it sounds crazy, but Feminax and a hot water bottle aren’t the only things that can help you when Mother Nature pops around for a visit. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been trying out these pure essential oils from Tender Essence and they’ve been working some kind of magic. The company encourages people to learn about the products that they’re putting onto their skin, which, after my rant about pads and tampons, you guys know I’m all about. So, I absolutely jumped at the opportunity to test out their 8 most popular oils. Not only did this little collection encourage me to try out ones I wasn’t even sure how to pronounce, but it made my room smell like a yoga studio. Win-win!

The Perfect Vagina

The vagina has to put up with a lot of bullshit. Bleeding every month for 60 years. Having a baby forced through an illogically small hole. Being ostracized by society for, well, the whole of modern history. I mean, considering everything it does in terms of populating the earth whilst giving out free gifts in the form of orgasms, the vagina gets very little praise or recognition in return.

Personally, I think we need a vagina revolution. The modern world is still extremely hard to navigate as someone with a uterus. On the one hand, we're being told that we're "free" now to do with our vaginas as we wish. After all, we have The Pill and Victoria's Secret and millions of people seemingly worshiping the vagina every minute of the day via the medium of porn. But on the other hand, vaginas are a kind of minefield. We're repeatedly condemned for exerting our sexuality, we're fed images of what our vulvas must look like in order to be respected and something that gives life is still treated like an intrinsically dirty entity.

Week One in Greece: Cheap flip-flops and gigantic watermelons

I've got to be honest with you guys, my Greek adventure did not have the most glamorous of starts. It  mainly involved being awake at the arse crack of dawn, desperately searching for somewhere, anywhere, that could cater to my 3am sundried tomato craving with no success, and bundling onto an Easy Jet flight looking like I'd been freshly dug up from a grave. I would've liked to take some photos at the airport, looking hella chic and kind of glancing back at the camera whilst holding my cute matching luggage set. But I don't have a matching luggage set, my plan to put on makeup failed when I decided to go for 10 minutes extra in bed instead and my suitcase has a bit of a dodgy wheel. So, instead, I sat drinking coffee staring angrily at people that had the audacity to look alive when the sun wasn't even up yet.

13 reasons it's great to no longer be 13

Every single day, I thank the heavens for two things that I’m no longer going through. 1. Driving lessons and 2. Puberty. I mean seriously, whoever said that “school is the best time of your life” was a bloody liar. As far as I can remember, being 13 mainly consisted of being told by teachers that you’re not allowed to go to the toilet until you basically have to blurt out in front of the whole class that sorry, but you weren’t expecting to be bleeding from your vagina until next week. Aka not a great way to spend your day when you’re already growing boobs and having your heart broken by boys that stand outside of McDonalds after school.

I don’t know why everybody glorifies the teenage years so much. I mean, yeah, you get summer holidays and, yeah, you don’t have to pay taxes, but I consider that to be relatively small fry in comparison to the shit show of hormones using your body as a playground between the ages of 12 and 17.

On the plus side, you can take a deep breath and remember that you’re never going to experience puberty again. So, if you’re ever feeling like life is crappy, here are 13 reasons it’s great to no longer be 13. 

8 reasons why Sundays are bloody wonderful

I don't know what everybody has against Sundays. I get that Monday is just around the corner, but what's not to love about lazy mornings and huge cups of coffee? Granted, it might just be because I'm a massive homebody who prefers snuggling in bed to nights that consist of people shouting in your ear and your shoes getting repeatedly stuck to the floor, but I stand by the fact that Sunday is the best day of the week. By far.

I'm pretty sure I'm almost entirely alone in this opinion, so feel free to shout at me in the comments, but hear me out first.

Sunday brunch