15 March 2018

The eco-friendly essentials I can squeeze into a tiny bag

When I first started trying to be more eco-friendly and was pretty much addicted to ethical lifestyle blogs, I felt like I would need a suitcase with me every day. Avoiding plastic seemed like it would take a hell of a lot of planning and would mean investing in a tonne of reusable products: stainless steel straws, 50 different types of mason jar and anything made of bamboo. It was all a bit overwhelming, to be honest.

These days, packing my reusable goodies is second nature. I stopped trying to emulate everyone online and learnt what I actually need daily. So, now I can squeeze all of my eco essentials into my tiny little backpack. It turns out that I don't need bamboo cutlery because I'm a student who is far too much of a tight-arse to buy takeaway on a regular basis. Who knew?

To encourage you to begin your eco journey, even when it does seem overwhelming, and to remind you that your version of 'ethical' might look very different to someone else's, I thought I would share with you what's in my every day backpack. Yay for saving the planet, one outing at a time!

Eco-Friendly everyday essentials

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8 March 2018

6 ways to make the world a better place this International Women's Day

Since the age of 14, I’ve called myself a “feminist”. Throughout my school years I listened to empowering pop songs and complained about the injustice of the female school dress code (albeit mainly because I had a pair of Miss Selfridge shorts that I wanted to be able to get use out of on tag days). I wore my metaphorical feminist badge with honour and I'm proud that I was a self-proclaimed advocate for equality at such a young age. However,  I like to think that I’ve grown a lot since 2011. In those years I've been constantly learning and unlearning. In fact, I still am. It's a journey that's meant my feminism is no longer confined to my country, my age and to those problems that directly affect me. 

Every year I love celebrating International Women’s Day, not just because I enjoy waving the feminist flag, but because I think it's a great time to think about how we can cultivate a feminism that is more aware and intersectional. This year’s theme – Press For Progress – is all about motivating and uniting at a time when it isn’t exactly easy being a woman. So, with that in mind, I thought I would share with you some things that you can do today to make the world a slightly better place for womankind.

27 February 2018

Ethical Mother's Day Gift Guide

I was an ugly baby. There's no escaping it (or the pictures that remain as evidence of it). I've also been told that throughout my first few months I didn't really stop crying unless I was eating. Maybe that's why I feel like giving gifts on Mother's Day is so important: My Mum grew me in her stomach for 9 whole months before, in a feat of the female body that will never cease to amaze me, pushing me out into the world. Yet I was born screaming and looking somewhat like a blob next to my Milky Bar Kid of a brother. I kind of feel like that's a lot of labour for not very much reward...

All joking aside, Mother's are amazing aren't they? Mine is an absolute power house. The kind of Mum who got herself through uni with kids and has had a thriving career ever since. These days she's even a foster carer and I am endlessly in awe of how much of herself she gives to looking after the children who are with her at the moment. What a woman!

I think it's important that we're grateful for our Mamas every single day, but I also think that Mother's Day is an extra excuse to treat her. Since I'm now dedicated to being a more ethical shopper, this year's gift guide took a little longer to put together. However, it was so worth it. There are some real goodies in here that your Mum and your conscience will love! I've got everything from prints and accessories by independent shops to vegan leather goods and cruelty free skincare. Oh, and of course there are some ethical chocolates and flowers in there too. It would have been rude not to!

25 February 2018

Girl Love #13

My Sunday evening is going to be spent indulging in some of my most favourite things: Watching Youtube videos, reading blog posts and eating custard donuts. Maybe I'll even treat myself to a cup of earl grey if I'm feeling particularly wild! Frankly, if that ain't the best way to end a week, I don't know what is.

In case you want to join me, I felt like now was the perfect time to post another edition of Girl Love, the series where I share with you all of the female creatives that I've been loving lately. I want to say "you're welcome" and "I'm sorry" in advance, because you're definitely going to fall in love with these incredible women and their content, perhaps to the point where your productivity drops to an all-time low. But, trust me, they are worth it.

20 February 2018

21 lessons at 21

Your girl is officially an adult. I can legally supervise a learner driver. I can drink in the US. I can drive lorries over 7.5 tonnes with a trailer as long as I have the appropriate licence. Now, if that ain't freedom, I don't know what is! 

I can't believe that 21 has come around so quickly. Before I know it I'll be graduating and heading into the big wide world to take on proper adult responsibilities. It's all a bit overwhelming. However, I'm also beyond excited to start on this next chapter of my life. Who knows where I'm going to be in a year or two? I'm just grateful to have spent the last 21 surrounded by the love and support of the people closest to me. But before I turn this post into a puddle of emotions, I'll jump in to reminiscing about everything I've learnt. Since this is a landmark birthday, I don't just mean things I've learnt this year, I mean things I've learnt over my entire life (cutting out the boring 'how to digest solids' and 'how to say "where is the cinema?" in French" parts). Strap yourselves in, it's gonna be a meaty one! 

21 Birthday Mug

3 February 2018

Favourite Things: January 2018

January was quite the journey. One minute I was bringing in the new year with a competitive game of Just Dance, the next I was on a plane after booking a spontaneous trip to Albania and then I was back in London attending lectures. I feel like I lived three different lives last month. I'm not complaining though: I had the most incredible start to 2018. And I didn't even have time to be sad about waving goodbye to my festive evening routine of Baileys and Quality Street in front of the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special. I was far too busy packing my life into a suitcase.

I really wouldn't have had January any other way. In fact, I would happily do it all again.

Since time travel isn't yet possible, I thought it was only right to reminisce in the form of a favourites post instead. Here are some of the little things that brought me joy last month, alongside the amazing adventures that I had.

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28 January 2018

4 recent eco-friendly home buys

Okay, story time with Beth:

A few days ago, being the diligent student that I am, I decided to buy myself a new notepad in preparation for all of the dissertation work I'll be doing. Then, being the eco-warrior badass that I am, I wanted to get one that was made out of recycled paper. Because when you have the opportunity to save the trees, you take, ya know? However, being the impatient shopper that I am, I needed to be able to get it through Amazon Prime so that I could use it the next day at the library.

The only option that they had that ticked all of those boxes was this hippie-dream by Rhino who, as well as saving the trees, are dedicated to bringing rhinos back from the brink of extinction. It was perfect. But it was also an add-on item. Naturally, the only logical solution I could find was to spend the necessary £20 on other products to make me eligible for putting the £4 world-saving notepad in my basket. In my defence, the whole thing gave me the push I needed to finally invest in some of the eco-friendly home essentials I've had my eye on for months. Seriously, I wrote this 'conscious living wishlist' all the way back in July.

Treat yo' self and the planet, ammirite?

This post contains Amazon affiliate links: they really help me out!