Positive thoughts to take into the month: July

Happy July, chums!

This blog post is brought to you from under a duvet, whilst I smile rather smugly about the fact that I just polished off a super sexy leftover pizza toastie in true Hannah Gale style. Just to rub it in a little bit more, last night I built a blanket fort with my favourite human and we ate Dominos and we drank Baileys and we talked about life. I don't think it gets much better, to be honest.

It's left me feeling all chill and completely ready to take on the month, as evidenced by the fact that I've already replied to every email in my inbox. Someone bow down to me, I am the new queen of having my shit together.  Hopefully, July has started as it means to go on, and I won't end up a hot mess who feels utterly overwhelmed  by the end of the week (aka me 24 hours ago).

Just in case you weren't able to welcome in July in such style (and let's be honest, you probs weren't), here is this month's instalment of positive thoughts to put a smile on your face. Warning: all of these are EU referendum based and if you don't care/can't bare hearing about it anymore then there's plenty of other positive thoughts from previous months that will work just as well for July.

Favourite things: June

June was a shambolic month for my country, but a freaking fabulous month as far as my personal life is concerned. So, I'm kind of conflicted as I attempt to write this little pre-favourites summary of the last few weeks. I don't know whether to victory dance about the fact that I've spent most of June being a creative little powerhouse/Girl Boss or whether to sob into my pillow because England has just been so bloody stupid. I think I'll be mourning the loss of the EU for all of the foreseeable future, to be honest. But I'm also quietly proud of myself for all of the hours I've directed at creating content this month.

Despite my mixed emotions, the show must go on. So here are some of my favourite things from the rather bewildering month that was June. Let's go.

A letter to my future daughter

Dear Future Daughter,

Erm, Hi. Mum here. Or at least the younger, slightly cooler version of the Mum you know, who tweets about political freedom and actually knows the words to the songs they play in clubs. As I write this, I'm 19 years old and you are but a twinkle in my eye. Well, to be honest, at the moment the idea of having children makes me a little bit nauseous. But I also know that it's highly likely that one day I'll willingly bring sleepless nights and countless nappy changes upon myself, even though right now I can't even commit to finishing a book. If I do choose to go through nine whole months of pregnancy and the agony of childbirth, I know that you'll be worth every second. I know that I'll love you more than I thought it was possible to love anything, ever.

Things to do in the summer before uni

So, you've just finished Sixth Form. Huzzah! You're officially no longer a child who requires the constant guidance of elders nor somebody to cook your every meal for you. Welcome to the world of being a secure, responsible adult.

Just kidding. We all know that come September you'll be getting so drunk that you'll need to be  carried across campus in your tiger onesie whilst proclaiming the university pride you've acquired after two days. We also know that you'll be heading home on a regular basis for your Mum's roast potatoes. So, huzzah for being an awkward mix between incompetent child and free woman, instead! For those of you that can see Fresher's Week on the horizon of this mammoth stretch of freedom, I decided to compile a list of things that you should do this summer in preparation for what is probably the biggest lifestyle change you've faced to date. That sounded very ominous, didn't it? Sorry, I didn't mean to make you crap your pants any more than you already are. If you're not heading off to university in a few months, then feel free to read on anyway and laugh about the fact that you're not willingly entering into thousand pounds worth of debt and so will probably be able to afford Heinz instead of own brand baked beans in the coming years. You're one lucky devil.

What a day in the life of a blogger really looks like

When seeing it through a rose-tinted filter, blogging for money can look like just about the easiest job in the world. And listen, I'm not suggesting that what I've got going on at the moment isn't a pretty decent setup. I'm doing something that I love whilst simultaneously getting a little bit of income on the side of studying for my BA. Honestly, I feel more content than I ever have. So don't think for a single second that I'm complaining. But I can also tell you that this isn't all brunch dates with Benefit giving you free boxes of every brow product they stock, in the same manner that Indian takeaways give away mints with the bill. It's more like 'I haven't washed my hair in a week, but at least I've replied to all of my emails'.

So, just in case you have somehow been fooled by the Instagram flatlays, here's what a day in the life of a not quite professional blogger really looks like. FYI, not like the picture below. That just matches my colour scheme nicely.

Tea and politics

Guys, I've had a warm beverage based revelation that is about to blow your mind: choice in tea is very much like political persuasion. Stick with me here. What I mean is, that if you have parents that always have and always will vote Labour, you're highly likely to do the exact same. And if you have parents that buy the same 50 pack of teabags from Tesco every month, you're very likely to argue that those teabags are the best teabags in all the land. I have a Nan that drinks PG and a Mum that drinks PG and so, rather predictably, when I was thrown into the wild abyss of shopping for myself at uni, I picked up a big ol' saver pack of PG.

If you're sitting reading this post thinking something along the lines of "Jesus Christ, it's just tea, Beth. It's really not that deep." then I can only assume that you were not brought up in Britain, where tea has a holy status. We're a small island, okay. Enjoying tea is all we have!

My summer skincare routine

When I planned this post a few weeks ago, I had it in my mind that the opening sentence would be something like "I've finally mastered my summer skincare routine. Rejoice with me, my internet chums!"

Well, today I woke up with a solid 1 million gigantic spots on my face. So, there's the universe doing its magic. But please don't take that as a sign of the fact that this routine doesn't do its job. Take it as proof that PMS is the devil and shake your fist at it with me instead. I swear that this little formula is what has been saving me throughout the warm(ish) months so far, which is the hardest time of the year on my skin since I'm so insanely sensitive to heat.

Before we get started, I'll warn you that you're about to see a lot of Lush. It smells amazing and I'm an addict, okay? Okay, Let's go.