Blogs and Books Club: Theme reveal!

As much as I absolutely adore Christmas, I've had another count down that's been getting me insanely excited this December. It's a pretty big day that I've been planning for months: the first ever Blogs and Books Club chat!

You can read more about this little online club of mine in the introduction post that I wrote, but let me give you a quick summary. Each month I decide on a theme and book ready to be devoured by you lot in preparation for our Twitter chat. I created the club for blogger babes that love to read, so I would also be super happy to check out any blog posts you write on that month's subjects! December's theme is, naturally, 'Festive Reading'. So, be ready on the 15th with a glass of mulled wine to talk about this month's book 'Let It Snow'. You can buy it on Amazon or I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find full online versions for free too. And even if you don't get the time to read it (trust me, I know, deadlines are a bitch), then you should definitely join in the chat anyway because they'll be lots of questions about reading at Christmas more generally.

Enough with this passion fueled rambling. Today I actually thought I would reveal to you the reading themes for the first three months of 2017! Drum role, please...

A gift guide for your feminist friends

If there's two things that I love in the world it's Christmas and feminism. I guess you could say that I'm team "more glitter, less patriarchy". So, the idea of bringing together my festive spirit and feminist angst in the form of one girl-celebrating gift guide made my heart sing. I'm all for supporting the online girl gang and this was my chance to showcase some absolutely badass independent shops, to people who I know will appreciate it - you lot.

Yes, you might still have to buy Auntie Mavis a candle. Yes, your brother is still getting a Lynx deodorant set. But my-oh-my are those feminist friends of yours in for a treat! We've got glitter, puns and ovaries galore here, girls. What's not to love?

Girlboss Guilt

In a world full of Instagram to-do list pictures, "rise and grind" tweets and Snapchats of people in the university library until 3am, not being perpetually productive can seem like a sin.

We've all been there: Laying in bed watching repeats of "How I Met Your Mother" and then suddenly contemplating all of the things that we could be doing in the space of a twenty minute episode. Your focus should be directly on whether Ted and Robin will or will not snog, but you get that lump in your stomach reminding you that twenty long minutes is enough time to brainstorm blog ideas or write an essay paragraph or schedule tweets. You know that you need to relax. But you also know that successful people work hard. And you want to be a successful person.

That my friends, is what I like to call "Girlboss Guilt".

10 things to be happy about in December

Tonight is the night that I well and truly get my elf on.

I've got Poundland fairy lights, sticky snowflakes and paper chains at the ready. My advent calender has been put in position. I even splashed out on some mince pies and have my Christmas playlist raring to go. By midnight, our flat is going to look like a cheap Santa's grotto with beans stuck to the work surfaces! And I'm pretty excited about it.

Since Christmas is right around the corner, you might not need that many more reasons to smile. But a series is a series. So, just in case you do need a little push in the festive direction, here are 10 things to be happy about in December!

Favourite Things: November

It’s getting pretty bloody magical out there, folks.

Right now, I’m sitting by my window with a cup of Maltesers white hot chocolate (no marshmallows, but I’ll survive) whilst a giant Christmas tree is being put up in the courtyard. To say I’m so excited I could dance for about an hour straight to Mariah Carey would be an understatement. Add in the fact that I know this is the last favourites post I’ll write before Christmas comes in all its twinkly glory and I’m fit to burst.

But, before I get ahead of myself, I should probably tell you about a few of the things that made me smile in November. It may be cold outside, but at least I have soap that smells good enough to eat and a bag with vaginas on it.

10 things I'm thankful for

Here in the UK we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. In fact, today has been pretty much like any other Thursday in the history of my life. Nothing special to report apart from the fact that I totally put Reese's Pieces in my porridge this morning to curb my PMS symptoms. But apart from that it's been entirely ordinary. Seeing all of these Instagram worthy table settings, giant plates full of carbohydrates and videos from the parades have made me seriously envious. I want to be eating until my eyes bulge and getting into arguments with family members over dinner about whether or not Trump should have won.

But apart form the drool-worthy food, I also think England should jump on board the thankfulness train. Everyone needs a little push to remember just how lucky they are, right? So, I've taken today as an excuse to do just that and broadcast it to the world (you lot) while I'm at it. Join me at my online table, make yourself a big ol' plate of food and don't forget to tell me what you're grateful for bellow!

What self-care really looks like

I feel very lucky to have landed in the little corner of the internet that I did. Every time I go on twitter I either see positive vibes flying at me from every corner of the globe, or people understandably angry about social issues that people should be angry about. It's the perfect mix. And thanks to being (virtually) surrounded by a butt load of badass feminists, I also went through most of my teenage years with the idea of self-love constantly bubbling away at the back of my brain. I slowly learnt how to take active rests in life. I learnt to love having small boobs, regardless of what the media tell me daily. I learnt about the power of a Lush bath. 

And up until now, that's served me well. 

Recently though, I've realised that self-care isn't always buying yourself flowers and lighting candles. Sometimes it takes sacrifice. The idea that self-care can be a little bit painful is a weird one at first. But I'm talking long term self-care. I mean doing things that might be difficult right now because you know that, in the long run, it will make you happier or healthier.