Positive thoughts to take into October

As a new month dawns remember that the best is yet to come. But with this optimism for the future, don’t lose your understanding that life is made up of tiny, invaluable moments just like this, which should be relished and allowed to echo through your bones. Walk purposefully towards you goals whilst still keeping one eye turned up towards the sky’s ever-changing colours. Don’t let your determination suffocate you; it's important to be able to breath the present in as fully as you can. 

Be truly, deeply interested in people. In their stories and their aspirations. Ask questions. Listen. Be grateful that you have been given the opportunity to touch the lives of so many in this way. Don't allow solitude to sneak upon you as you seek personal success.

Favourite things: September 2015

As much as I hate to admit it, September is coming to an end. We’re officially into Autumn and my hopes of a sudden heat wave are withering away day by day. Personally, I vote that we just skip this semi-cold business and go straight into Christmas. Since there’s little chance of me getting the opportunity to sunbathe with a book again until next year, we may as well get the joy of festive cookies and fairy lights straight away as a condolence. 

The ending of summer isn’t the only reason I’ll be clawing onto these last couple of days of September though, it’s just been a rather splendid month in general. Its first half equated to lazy days as the last leg of my insanely long summer holiday came to end and its later half has marked the start of my life at university. Yep, September was a big month! And one full of some favourite things which both helped me to create a summer to remember and to soothe me into all of life’s recent changes.

A journey to mindfulness

We all know that I like to embrace my granola eating, slightly holistic side from time to time. I practice yoga regularly (albeit through the wonder that is YouTube), I have a slight eversion to wearing any kind of footwear when I'm indoors and I'm an avid lover of Quinoa. I have a soft spot for that kind of thing that I just can't avoid. But I would by no means say that I've reached a state of "mindfulness".

7 things that the first 7 days of university taught me

I did it! I got through the first seven days of university without dying from starvation or breaking my leg whilst drunk. Personally, I class that as a huge success and think I deserve some kind of medal. Or at least some 10p noodles from Tesco. Despite its successes, Fresher's Week has also been a serious learning curve. I was slapped into reality with some lessons that I will find hard to forget anytime soon.

1. The importance of cooking before you're hungry 

For the first 6 days of my university life I started cooking dinner when pangs of hunger had already kicked in. Rookie mistake. 45 minutes later and waiting for my Mexican chilli to cook through, I'd basically be chewing on the table top whilst feeling like I was genuinely going to faint from malnourishment. It was so much easier when Mummy scheduled my eating times for me.

2. That I have way too much stuff 

When it's 10pm on your first night and you're still trying to cram things into your wardrobe, you have to question whether you really do "need" three leather jackets. Or 7 pretty notepads.

3. That I can survive without my parents being in the same house as me

After 18 years of having them always by side I didn't know whether this was actually humanly possible. I had no idea that my late night conversations with Dad and that Mum's Thai green curry cooking skills weren't absolutely crucial for my survival. Plus, I really didn't know how I would cope with doing everything for myself. But here I am.

4. The wonder that is FaceTime 

Without FaceTime there's a strong possibility that I would've spent a lot of my first week crying and feeling sorry for myself in my bedroom. I still miss my boyfriend a huge amount, but being able to talk to him and see his face before I go to sleep every night has made it a hell of a lot easier. Thank God for modern technology is all I can say.

5. How important it is to always have a pot noodle in your cupboard 

Feeling lazy? Pot Noodle. Just got in from a night out? Pot Noodle. Missing home? Pot Noodle. Listen, I'm all for cocoa nibs and quinoa being stocked in my cupboard, but sometimes a girl just has to eat salty carbs.

6. That I'm probably the world's worst Fresher 

I actually spent a lot of time deciding whether to go out to clubs or stay at home and blog from my bed. It was a case of prioritising between my desire to snuggle and the fact that I should probably socialise. Somehow, socialising almost always won (even if I didn't want it too) but I have no shame in saying that I sold my ticket for Sunday's event in favour of a cosy night in.

7. To never turn down free food 

Never. Even if you're not hungry. Any good student will know to jump at the opportunity not to cook for themselves and save money at the same time. If you can make two trips consecutively - Do that too.

The post Fresher's detox

Would it be totally un-fresher like of me to say that I am completely relieved that this week is over? To be frank, all I'm craving right now is a few nights in a row with nothing but tea and my laptop to keep me company instead of hundreds of sweaty, drunk first years. That's not to say that Fresher's Week wasn't absolutely amazing! I'm just not sure I could take anymore of it even if I tried.

Honestly, my body just wasn't made for this. My skin is a mess, the bags under my eyes are big enough to act as pillows for passed out party goers and I have "fresher's flu". The fun was worth it but now its time to rectify seven days of drinking. For those of you that might have overdone it just a tad too, here's my post fresher's detox. Let's full body cleanse.

Your skin 

Your skin probably doesn't like you very much at the moment. I know mine doesn't. Not that we can blame it at all considering everything we've put it through over the last seven days. Wearing makeup every night and letting your usual skin care regime strictness slip under the influence of JD and Coke means that we haven't really given it a chance to breath. Like, at all. Mix this with the extreme lack of sleep and copious amounts of sugar (unless you can drink your vodka straight all of the time because you're totally hardcore) and you have the perfect formula for spots and just generally dreadful skin.

The best way to remedy such a catastrophe is through deep cleansing your skin and then giving it a rest. Set aside some time to steam your face and then put on your favourite facemask to get rid of any left over nastiness. I'm relying on Lush's Magnaminty because it's my holy grail. Then for a few days I won't be touching any makeup. My skin needs some time off!

Your brain 

Get some damn sleep. Just do it. I don't care how many episodes of Bake Off you've missed or whether your favourite youtuber has just released a new video - you need to get some serious shut eye. You're exhausted, you just may not know it yet. Even if you've managed to sleep in past midday after each night out, your quality of sleep probably wasn't the greatest. Especially since you have classes starting soon (wait, we actually come here to do work?) it's crucial to get to bed a little bit earlier for a few days to let your brain and body recover.

Your Hair 

Oh hair, I'm sorry for the abuse I've put you through over the last week. Please forgive me for fighting your urge to curl with a pair of GHDs.

As an apology to my poor hair I'm going to be doing a couple of deep conditioning treatments with coconut oil over the next few days. I'm hoping this will to some extent repair the damage of repeated heat styling and leave it feeling flickably soft once more. The process is pretty simple - warm up some coconut oil between your fingers to turn it into a liquid before rubbing it all over the hair. Leave this for as long as you can - preferably over night. Then just wash it out (go at it with the shampoo twice to make sure all excess oil is out) and you're done.

Your insides 

Alcohol is known to majorly dehydrate your body. It decreases the body's production of the anti-diuretic hormone, which is used to reabsorb water. Less of that bad boy means you lose more fluid than normal through peeing a lot. All together now: Don't break the seal!

Anyway, now that Fresher's is over it's important to get some fluids back into your system. And no, cocktails don't count. Force yourself to drink the recommended 2 litres of water a day at least. Try to also brew up a couple of green teas which will not only give you water but a bunch of antioxidants too.

You in general 

To complete my detox routine I will be amping up my daily yoga habits. Who knew it was so hard to downward dog with a hangover?

Not only will a yoga sequence allow you to stretch out sore muscles from hours of attempting to twerk, but it will put you at one with your body again by making you focus on your breath and its influence on your movements. I feel like I need to make friends with my battered body again and this is the best way I can see to do so.

How to relax in (about) 10 minutes

Ask any of my family members and they will tell you that I'm a "stresser". Always have been and always (kind of) will be. It doesn't take a huge amount to take me from utterly serene to willing to stab anyone who asks me why I'm tense with a pencil whilst crying. Don't judge me, I'm working on it. Over the years though I have found a few ways to take a chill pill without actually having to take any kind of pill - don't do drugs, kids. I have an inventory of quick fixes at my fingertips to put things back into perspective and get my breathing down to a normal rate.

Intention setting 

Play like this isn't the modern age and pick up an actual pen and paper. Try to forget your iPhone and the new emails that are pinging into your inbox every minute and just focus on turning your thoughts into something more tangible. Think about what's important for you today - what are the goals that you have to achieve? Write it down. This kind of intention setting gives your brain, which has probably been running at 500mph, a chance to clear itself so that you can complete the tasks that actually matter at that moment with a much clearer mindset.

Sun salutation 

The idea of yoga is a little bit scary but once you're a few minutes into a short sun salutation practice all of those worries will evaporate and leave behind a sense of calm. Taking a few moments to just focus on you, your body and your breath makes you realise what's actually important. Spoiler alert: That means you'll recognise that most of the things causing you stress are simply water under the bridge.

The sun salutation practice I use is this ten minute video by Yoga with Adrienne and it works like a charm every time.

Tea drinking 

Pretty much anytime I'm stressed out my first thought is to grab a cuppa. How very quintessentially British of me. However, studies have shown that it's probably best to switch the classic milk and two sugars for green tea instead. One of the key ingredients in green tea is L-theanine. Nope, I didn't know what that meant either. But apparently scientists have shown that it's a significant anti-stress chemical, comparing its effects to anti-anxiety drugs. Who knew?

Guided meditation 

Guided meditation, like yoga, allows you some time to purely focus on yourself. The benefits of this are numerous, with stress reduction being the one that effects me the most. After a few minuets of using the Relax with Andrew Johnson Lite app you begin to become aware of the present moment, not thinking about your seemingly endless to-do list. As well as this, if you practice on a daily basis its calming effects can become more long-term. Not bad for a free download!

Meal planning at university

The student loan will soon be in. And I'm pretty sure that I've never seen so much money in one place at one time in my whole life. I'm not used to actually having anything above waitressing wages in my account so the temptation is to head straight in the direction of Topshop. Alas, I'm aware that this is probably not the best idea and instead I'm attempting to save my money in the form of meal planning.

I know you want to spend all of your time getting exceedingly drunk and eating takeaways, but at the end of the year when the funds are dropping low you will thank yourself for meal planning. In fact, at the end of the week when you actually have food left you'll thank yourself for meal planning! It only takes a few minutes and will save you more than a few pounds. Here's how I do it:

1. We'll start with dinners - Decide on one meal that you really fancy. Whatever it is, write down all of the ingredients that you'll need to make the complete dish (everything down to the cheese you sprinkle on at the end!) This will then act as the starting point for deciding what the rest of your meals will be. Also remember at this point that you can make a few portions extra and chuck them in the fridge or freezer for later.

For me my starting meal was a vegetarian spag bol.

2. You're only feeding you but unfortunately most shops don't sell half onions and individual portions of Quorn mince! Use your starting meal to try to form new dishes from all or some of its ingredients so that you're not wasting precious food and are saving money and space in your undoubtedly tiny facilities.

For example, I decided to turn my spag bol into mexican style chilli by just picking up some chilli flakes, kidney beans and a red pepper. Any ingredients that I've already bought for my first meal I write in pink so I know not to pop them on my shopping list twice. Again, feel free to double up - chilli is heaven on a jacket potato for lunch the next day!

3. Start again. Work through picking meals with similar ingredients until you have 7 days worth of food. By this point you've made creating a shopping list super easy for yourself since you already have all of the ingredients you need for each dish written down. Jump over any ingredients you've already bought for another dish and your dinners are sorted!

4. I don't plan my breakfasts and lunches anywhere near as much as my dinners. Dinners can end up being tomorrow's lunch or even breakfast. I have no shame. Instead I just buy some staples like porridge oats, frozen fruit and yogurt for smoothies and milk to make my tea drinkable in the morning. For lunches I grab bread and I usually already have cheese for sandwiches, or I make some kind of super easy olive oil based pasta dish.

5. Treat yo' self! If you're lucky enough to have money left (using this method I usually do) then buy yourself some luxuries to make your uni life that little bit more comfortable. Think chocolate, drink mixers or your favourite branded cereal.

Just one last tip - I would recommend online shopping so that you can keep an eye on your running total cost for the shop and delete more "luxury" items if needed. Because frankly, my mental maths is appalling!

Now just for the actual cooking part...

Creating a space at uni

A few months ago I had my uni room completely planned out in all of its minimalist, plant covered glory. It was going to be white washed with rose gold accents and potted cactuses in every corner. Basically, my plan was to live in Tumblr. But as anyone who has ever stayed in halls has probably guessed by now, it didn't quite turn out that way. A girl can dream but she certainly can't avoid the bright blue wall in her new bedroom and her lack of a budget to go throwing around at Urban Outfitters and Anthropology.

Sitting here in my new room as I type, despite the fact that it's not quite so photo-worthy, I'm just happy that I've managed to create a space that I feel comfortable in. Moving to uni is terrifying and the fact is, even if your room looks like it was taken straight from a minimalist interior design blog, when you're going to sleep on your first night it's more necessary for it to feel like home. For those of you who are still to move into their halls, here are some easy ways that I found to create a calming and inspiring space.


A simple one but never underestimate the power of bringing photographs and pinning them to every possible surface. Homesickness in the first few days is real but any time it hits I just go and look at some of the beautiful memories I've captured. It's like a comforting hug for your eyeballs! Not to mention the fact that photos add some life to an otherwise exceedingly plain room.

(I found out after taking these that I had to take my fairy lights down. Cry with me!)

A cosy bed

So you might not be sleeping all that much during Fresher's, but having a cosy bed to get (or stumble) into at night makes the whole process a lot easier. You probably won't get to choose whether you have a comfy mattress or not but I invested in a memory foam mattress topper as well as bringing along my favourite bed sheets and a fluffy blanket. I don't know about you guys, but feeling cold can quickly turn into feeling sad. Obviously my teddies had to join me too... I am not ashamed.

Your favourite products 

There's nothing better than the smell of a room that houses Lush products, right? So even though my shower room is tiny and I could probably reach out and make my bed whilst on the toilet, that's okay because I've filled it with my favourite creams and potions. When everything around you is changing it's surprisingly reassuring to have your normal skin care regime to fall back on.


Who doesn't love new stationary? Is there anything more thrilling in this world? I would argue not. Pretty pens and notepads also double as a way of making your desk area look beautiful. And a beautiful desk equates to more willingness to study.

Homemade coconut oil sugar scrub recipe

If something contains vanilla, sugar and coconut, I'm pretty much on board with the idea before I even know its purpose. Tell me that it's good for my skin (mainly because you don't eat the sugar involved) and I am sold, my friend. So as you can imagine, when I found this basic recipe for making a coconut oil sugar scrub, I was pretty damn excited about it and had to give it my own twist.

A decent face scrub just so happens to be the only thing missing from my natural skin care regime which made the whole business even more exciting. And this is certainly cheaper than Lush products since I already had everything I needed to whip this up in a matter of minutes. What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't have a huge jar of coconut oil in my bathroom cabinet?

To get the kind of skin you can't stop stroking, you'll need... 

A bowl and a spoon for mixing
1/2 cup of coconut oil
1/4 cup of granulated sugar
A few drops of vanilla extract (totally not necessary but makes it smell even more heavenly)

Method (it's not exactly Nigella worthy) 

Mix the sugar and the coconut oil together in your bowl - It might be necessary to get your hands dirty to warm up the oil and make this a bit easier.

Once it looks like a scrub should look, stir in a couple of drops of the vanilla essence. 

Done. No, seriously. 

(I topped mine with lavender sugar just to make it a little more photogenic but it serves no other purpose...) 

If you're not already sold, here's why you should try it: 

Coconut oil can help to fight acne (who knew that you didn't need over the counter products?)

There's no need to moisturise afterwards since the oil left behind on the skin does that job for you - Lazy people unite! And if you don't like the feeling of the slight residue, just double cleanse with your normal facial cleanser afterwards. 

Coconut oil has antibacterial properties meaning it really works to leave your skin clean. 

The scrub is Vitamin E rich, which is known for its benefits in terms of repairing damaged skin. 

How to create the perfect morning routine

A few weeks ago my morning routine consisted of hitting the snooze button at least 4 times, sitting on twitter for about half an hour and then somehow summoning the energy to stumble into the kitchen to make the biggest cup of tea humanly possible. Not exactly the Stretch-and-Sing technique that Disney Princesses seem to adopt. In my recent attempts to generally just sort my life out in preparation for uni, I've learnt about the importance of a good morning routine in terms of productivity. After several failed attempts, I've now successfully choreograph my mornings to allow me to do everything that gives me a positive start to the day and motivates me to be productive with my time.

I think I've finally cracked a failsafe way to perfect a smile-filled morning.

Creating the perfect morning routine

No twitter, no texting 

The biggest change in my mornings has been my new-found dedication to not touching my phone for at least my first hour of consciousness. It's easy to get sucked into answering work emails or waisting time on social media which isn't the most positive way to start your morning, so I've completely eliminated tech when I wake up. Ignoring your texts alerts is a surprisingly freeing feeling.

Get moving 

Doing exercise in the morning makes me feel like I've achieved something straight away, ipso facto I am more willing to be productive from that moment on. I'm not saying I run 5 miles and do major weight training - just half an hour of invigorating yoga, some crunches and some squats.


I've replaced my phone with books or magazines. Reading is probably the most relaxing thing in the world for me, so doing so every day makes for the perfect morning routine.

Nourish ya self 

You've heard it all before: Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Make it Instagram worthy with pepper dusted avo toast or just stick with a massive bowl of Bran Flakes and an apple. Just brew yourself some tea and get your body nourished and ready to face the next 24 hours.

Goal setting 

Knowing what exactly you need to achieve makes it a lot easier to actually achieve them, no? I'm obsessed with morning to-do lists, written in order of priority. As well as that, I create one main goal for the day that becomes my focus until relaxation time later in the evening.

My natural skin care regime

Recently my skin care regime has made quite the shift. The kind of shift that marks revolution on my epidermis. I've made the swift transition from primarily using products bought in Boots, to focusing all of my energies (and all of my money) on buying natural products for my skin. That means products that I can actually read the labels of and, hopefully, know what each ingredient is. I've said goodbye to "Simple" - which has a deceptively un-simple list of chemicals on the back - and hello to LUSH and my local Holland and Barrett store. To be honest, going into LUSH more was no major trauma since I was already cocaine style addicted to their bath products. 

The reason for this sudden change of habit was quite simply the result of me saying, midway through lathering on moisturiser, "I wonder if all of these chemicals and crap might be detrimental to my desire for a good complexion... isn't the skin, like, mega absorbent?" And the answer I gave myself was, "probably". So I haven't looked back and as an ode to my new, all-natural skin care regime, I decided to set it in stone (write a blog post about it). 

Makeup removal

Oh look, it's every Youtuber's favourite product that's not micellar water - Coconut oil! There's a reason this stuff has become so popular and that reason is that it is bloody amazing. Saying that it's a multi-purpose product is an understatement but the best use I've found for it is as an eye makeup remover. It's gentle enough to not sting in the same way that wiping chemicals around your eyes does but it certainly gets the job done. Even mascara! I just warm it between my fingers, pop some on my lids and then wipe it off with a cotton pad. 


Like you need to hear me talking about this heavenly cleanser even more! Ultrabland is life changing. I use this morning and night to leave my skin feeling super clean and like it's been truly pampered. I also adore the subtle smell - a mix of honey, beeswax and rose water. 


Any beauty guru worth their salt will tell you the importance of moisturising, and who am I to argue? To be honest, I picked up Skindrink mainly because it was the cheapest of all the LUSH face creams, but luckily it's doing its job pretty damn well. Despite it still being on the pricey side, you literally need to use a tiny amount of this each time which I guess makes that fact less painful. Skindrink hydrates faster and more effectively than any of my other face creams, which I attribute to its sesame oil and avocado blend. 

Deep cleaning 

Mask of Magnaminty has had my back for years now in terms of fighting sudden face eruptions and just generally making me feel pampered. I use this once or twice a week to deep clean and drag my skin back into tip top condition. But most importantly, it smells like chocolate chip ice cream and happiness. 

6 things to do on a lazy Sunday

Today is my favourite day of the week. Right now, well and truly in the midst of Sunday contentment,  I'm still in my slippers and can smell fresh cut grass through the open back door as I type. I have the satisfaction of knowing that I have no responsibilities until my alarm goes off tomorrow morning and that today can be spent however I so desire. And I desire doing very little. Sundays are synonymous with laziness - snuggling on the sofa, catching up on YouTube videos and reading to my heart's content.

1. Sleep 

A simple but glorious activity, which on Sundays is not to be restricted to the night time. There's little more satisfying than napping with reckless abandon! Grab your duvet, snuggle down on the sofa and let yourself drift in and out of Friends reruns. 

2. Read 

Preferably with a hot beverage of some kind and surrounded by cushions. This is probably the activity that fills most of my Sundays (in fact, most of all my days), especially as the weather get colder outside. 

3. Have a bath 

I always, without fail, have a nice long bath before my roast dinner on a Sunday. The smell of Yorkshires and potatoes when I come out from the bubbles can't be beaten. I take the opportunity to have a deep clean, with face masks, deep conditioning treatments and the cleansing of the soul that accompanies them. 

4. Paint your nails 

Waking up on Monday with a fresh manicure makes me ten times more likely to feel ready to face the day. Also, when else do you have the time to actually sit and wait for your nails to dry? Wipe away the chipped varnish of this week and prepare for the next. 

5. Tidy 

I know it sounds the opposite of relaxing, but simple organisation and tidying tasks can be soothing. It's like a cleanse for the mind as well as your house. But hey, if it doesn't float your boat, feel free to stay sat on that sofa! 

6. Yoga 

About as active as I get, yoga is a calm way to get a little bit of exercise between lounging and sleeping. My go-to Sunday yoga sequence is day 8 of the "30 days of yoga with Adrienne" series. It has a restorative focus perfect of the end of the week. 

6 reasons to not be so sad that summer has ended

I'm not best pleased to be saying goodbye to summer. It's my favourite time of year (aside from the 3 weeks I stretch Christmas out for) and so the turn of Autumn is somewhat reminiscent of a funeral. I go into mourning for all of the days I spent in shorts whilst pulling on my tights and boots. But looking at all of the negatives of this current change of season would merely lead to me go into a two-month long bout of crying. So, I've somehow managed to compile a list of 6 things that make it slightly less painful to think about - who knew that was possible?

1. Toad in the hole/stews/chicken and gravy pies. I love avo toast and grapefruit as much as the next Instagramer, but nothing beats batter. It also becomes somehow more acceptable to eat warm, gooey and preferably chocolate puddings every day because it means more insulation against the cold.

2. Books. When it's sunny outside there's more to look at. But frankly, when England is basically a colour palette of grey it becomes a lot easier to get fully submerged in a book thick enough to act as a door stop.

3. Shoving your razor right to the back of your bathroom cabinet next to that prehistoric pot of Vicks. Goodbye accidental cuts, shaving bumps and wasted times. Hello tights.

4. Baths. The kind that don't make you feel like you're going to faint considering the blazing sun outside and are filled with LUSH bath bombs.

5. Baggy jumpers. Autumn is not the time for worrying about finding a crop top short enough to correspond perfectly with the high waist of your shorts. It is the time for skinny jeans, boots and baggy jumpers - essentially a day-long cuddle.

6. The fact that it's totally acceptable to start counting down until Christmas. Totally.

Some thoughts on Calais

People like to point fingers in the face of economic (or any kind of) trouble, don't they? Unsurprisingly, not fingers in the direction of men in ties, sitting on their swivel chairs in the most important offices of banks. These are British men. Men with British morals and concern for British people. The fingers tend to point instead in the direction of Calais. More precisely, towards the migrant camp, or "the jungle", in Calais.

image source: express.co.uk

The logic is as follows: "Some foreign blokes are trying to get into our country. They obviously want to steal all of our jobs and force their weird religion down our throats. Either that or they're lazy and want nothing more from us than to live off our taxes through the benefit system. Fuck off, we're full!" And it is this undeniably flawed and frankly disgusting logic that leads to the blaming fingers of the British public landing upon people that don't have shoes, let alone a tie, who are running as quickly as they can away from lives that we can't even begin to imagine here in the UK. I'll let you in on a secret - These people don't want to come to England, they just have no choice.

The men, women and children who have been forced to flee to these slums in Calais from Syria, Eritrea, Somalia and Afghanistan to name a few, are literally fighting to stay alive. Trust me, they're not here because they want to steal Bob Smith's plumbing job. And if that's the biggest worry of your life, consider yourself lucky in comparison to them. These people have stared death in the eye and vowed to escape. These people are making treks alone in search of a new life, leaving behind their families and everything they know, or are making the same trek clutching the hands of their wives and bundles of young children. I challenge you to call these people "parasites" (I have unfortunately seen this banded around on social media) to their faces after they tell you about how they have walked from Afghanistan and watched people die of hunger and exhaustion on the way. How dare they travel from one land mass on this earth to another land mass on this earth in order to not die though,  right?

The only thing that makes me angry about such immigration attempts, legal or otherwise, is the ignorant condemnations provided by the people on the other side of the border. I'm happy to see £3.6 billion of EU money going towards turning "the jungle" into a humanitarian refugee camp. I'm even more happy about Germany's claim that there was "no limit" to the asylum seekers they will house, mirroring France's earlier statements. This is progress - A sign that humans actually have the capacity to care about other humans that weren't born in their country. However, until the masses somehow shake these ideas that immigrants can and should be blamed for every single problem we face as a country, such attempts at saving people fleeing their own countries will be futile. A collective understanding that the vast majority of the immigrants are seeking safety, not our jobs and our money, is the first necessary step to helping the situation.