Favourite things: November

Usually, the thought of how quickly a month has gone makes me pretty sad. But, Christmas. So really I'm just glad that December will be imminently upon us, bringing with it copious amounts of cheese, Mariah Carrey and a couple of weeks off from university work. November has had its ups and downs, and probably more downs that it has had ups. But, not wishing to dwell on the bad, it's time to share with you some of the wonderful things that this month has offered up for me.

How to feed your inner anarchist

I kind of think we're all a little bit anarchistic deep down. Maybe it's buried under cardigans and cheese on toast, but there's always a voice somewhere inside of us that doesn't entirely agree with all systems of rule. Maybe the voice is saying "wow, the education system is actually pretty messed up, when you really think about it" or maybe it's screaming "Screw this whole system! I'm going to travel Europe in a camper van and wear flower crowns whilst I busk for money". And hey, I say that either way you should nurture that voice and let it grow. Not that I'm suggesting you start a riot or actually physically harm anyone or anything. I just think it's good to question authority every now and then and not be mindless for the sake of an easy life.

6 things to do that don't involve the internet

As much as I love the internet, there are days when I just can't handle it. Not to go all Essena Oneill on you, but sometimes it all just gets insanely overwhelming. My brain realises that I have the opportunity to accidentally offend hundreds, even thousands, of people on a daily basis through social media and I just have to switch it all off for a while. And breath.

I actually think it's really important to have some tech free time once in a while. It allows me to refocus myself, realise what's important (aka not whether the picture of my breakfast only got 4 likes) and calm down as I disconnect from a world of constant movement. I haven't gone for a full 24 hours yet - baby steps, people! - but I am starting to turn off my laptop and phone more often for a few hours at a time. The first 15 minutes are always the hardest. It's too easy to relapse into Facebook when you realise you're not actually sure what to do with your life in the real world. But trust me, with these 6 ideas to keep you busy, you'll forget what Twitter even is. 

All-natural curly hair care

I have a love-hate relationship with my curly hair. Obviously, my blog name is pretty contingent on it so I don't detest it or anything, but we do have our altercations. And before you say "but you get the best of both worlds - it's easier to straighten curly hair than it is to hold a curl in straight hair!" - no. If you think that me sitting in front of my mirror for an age attempting to tame this into something vaguely reminiscent of straightness makes it stay like that for more than two hours, you'd be very mistaken. On the plus side, I can achieve levels of volume that make me look pretty bad ass and kind of like a lost member of an 80s hair-metal group.

Since chopping a lot of my hair off a few months ago, I've been trying to show my curly locks some more love. Much like with my skin, I've ditched the chemicals and have gone all-natural. It seems to be working a treat and my hair is definitely 100x healthier than it was at the beginning of the year. Plus (lazy people unite) I have to wash it a lot less often - product build-up is a thing of the past.

After months of experimenting, I think I've finally got the art of natural hair care down and I now follow the same few steps every time my hair needs some attention.


The "Honey I Washed My Hair" shampoo bar by Lush is my hair washing staple. Mainly I love it because it smells bloody fantastic. But it also does its job pretty well too. It contains honey which means it leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny and it applies like a dream. Although the idea of a bar of shampoo may be pretty alien, you just have to run it between wet hands like soap and then lather it into your locks. They also last an insane length of time, which is a bonus.

How to not annoy your flatmates

Perhaps unfortunately, most of us have to suck it up and move into a house share at some point in our lives. Usually uni is to thank for thrusting us together with people we've never met, to pay extortionate amounts of money for a bed and a shower the size of a matchbox. I've been very lucky to have a flat full of lovely people because, frankly, the whole thing is a recipe for disaster.

I think there's definitely certain rules and etiquettes that you need to pick up on pretty quickly after moving into a house share, lest you be hated by everyone else and wake up to find your milk has been poured down the sink. So, just in case you didn't get the memo, here's how not to annoy your flatmates.

4 inspirational YouTubers and 4 of their best videos

I don't think I'm the only person who has logged into Youtube with the intention of watching one video and then found themselves two hours later having followed the suggestion bar to the side of the internet that is all conspiracy theories and cats. It's too easy to just get lost among the millions of channels and forget that you actually have stuff to do (uni work, cleaning, breathing). I don't know if the creators of Youtube planned on it becoming the ultimate tool for procrastination but that's certainly what it's turned in to.

Still, that's not to say that it's all pointless (but no doubt entertaining) clips of people falling over or talking about their latest makeup purchases. The one positive that has come from countless hours browsing YouTube is that I now know which channels to head to if I need inspiration or guidance. Some people truly do have a talent for spreading positive messages through the media of videos. So, if you're going to procrastinate (which we all know you are) you may as well get something positive out of it by watching these four amazing people and four of their amazing videos.

Marie Forleo 

I started a 'Wellness Journal' and you should too

When I was 8 years old, I got a pink snakeskin notepad for Christmas, which I immediately recognised as the one. I decided that it had to be the first notepad that I would fill from front to back, so I dedicated the slot between watching The Simpsons and me going to bed to filling in at least a page each night. This journaling business was going to be easy.

Obviously, it didn’t happen. I think I maybe did it for three nights. Possibly two.

Surviving long distance at uni

Being in a long distance relationship at uni is tough. Sometimes, you actually feel like you're going to spontaneously combust because you miss them so much. You get jealous that other people get to see them on a daily basis. You get possessive. You actually want to kick your flatmates in the shin for having the audacity to have a significant other who lives within close proximities. And on top of all of that, you have the people that take pleasure in telling you how unlikely your relationship is to last and that you should probably just quit while you're ahead so that you can enjoy the "freedom" (promiscuity) that every uni student should aspire to. It's lucky that you're in love really, because otherwise all of that is enough to turn someone a little bit insane.

As difficult (cry-yourself-to-sleep difficult) as it was at first, a few months into uni life and I think I've finally got into the swing of this whole "long distance" thing. I've made enough mistakes, and had enough late night FaceTime calls, to be able to pin point some of the things that I think have made having a long distance relationship possible amongst all of the socialising and drinking and assignments that come with being a Fresher.

Exploring London: A love-hate relationship with Whole Foods

I think I maybe built it up a bit in my mind and was expecting the Jerusalem of hippie snacks and natural products. I feel like I anticipated people in baggy trousers greeting me at the door, ready to downward dog when business got quiet. Or maybe a "namaste" instead of "would you like your receipt in the bag?" But no, Whole Foods was definitely a lot less zen than I expected. In fact, I left feeling a little bemused by the amount of money I'd spent, had a bag far too heavy for the cramped tube carriage that awaited me and a sore foot from having it run over by those wheely baskets which always seem such a great idea at first. 

A blogger's wishlist

I'm just trying to get better at this blogging thing one day at a time. Unfortunately, wanting to improve constantly and trying to create an online presence has led me to lust after things (often expensive things) to help me do just that. I frequently find myself coming scarily close to buying insane amounts of "blog props" aka cute bits and bobs that serve no other purpose than to feature in the background of pictures. But more worryingly, I am becoming quickly obsessed with a certain camera that would make a rather large dent in my bank account. It's almost as though I'm not a student who has to budget her whole life. Still, a girl can dream.

Treating your passion as a priority

I think that years inside of the education system can make you too easily forget the importance of pursuing your passion. We’re often left with a little voice inside of our heads ready to remind us that nothing is of merit unless it gets you an A* or some kind of immediate commendation. We forget the importance of simply being and of being happy. Unless our passions fall within the realms of academia, they’re seen as an unimportant “hobby” and are treated as such. You could do a hundred things in the day - clean your house, go to your job, sit on social media, cook meals - and suddenly it’s midnight and you haven’t had a chance to do something that you love with all of your heart. Again. 

4 books that every woman should read

Considering the fact that I’ve dedicated the next three years of my life to studying English Literature, I think it’s safe to say that I’m rather fond of books. And by “fond” I mean “absolutely obsessed to the point where you will never find me without a book in my bag ready to be whipped out at any boredom evoking moment”. I whole heartedly believe that books have the power to change lives. In fact, I like to think that I’m walking proof of that. My drive to succeed, my writing style and the way that I view the world have all been shaped by the books that I’ve read. Some reads are great for their easiness and the fact that they make you smile, others are great because they leave a permanent imprint on your life.

As you probably know, I’m a woman. So that, and my adoration bordering on obsession with books, leaves me qualified to tell you that you have to read the following four books.

How to be a woman by Caitlin Moran

I mean, really, if anything is written by Caitlin Moran it should be compulsory reading for any female. Or just any human. But if you need somewhere to start then “How to be a woman” is an obvious one. It will leave you feeling quietly content with life whilst simultaneously ready to stamp out the patriarchy with your doc Martens. It’s also one of the only books I would highly recommend listening to instead of actually reading, because the voice in your head will not do justice to Caitlin. I spent a solid 80% of the time listening to this book in my car and consequently trying not to crash whilst I almost wet myself laughing.  

7 signs you're a student in London

You can't help but laugh when someone from anywhere else complains about rent prices 

"£400 a month for a room the size of a box? You lucky devil, you!"

You also start to wonder why you didn't look further into universities a twenty minute bus journey from your family home.

You wish people would find their humanity and just stick to the left on escalators 

Even if you don't need to be anywhere quickly, the sight of these outsiders lounging about on the righthand side of escalators makes your palms sweaty. And when you need to be in class within the next 20 minutes. Well, let's just say they should expect a rather loud tut.