Favourite Things: April

April went from "I'm so stressed I could poke my own eye out" to "this is the most chill I've felt in months" rather swiftly. I spent most of it making my way through my last three assignments for uni, with only leftover easter chocolate to ease the struggle. But yesterday I handed in my final essay for the year and suddenly have no responsibilities whatsoever. Yes, it is indeed a bloody good feeling.

Before writing this post, I wasn't sure that I'd have all that many favourites to share with you. Oh, how wrong I was. Somehow, amongst the essay writing, I've managed to squeeze in an insane amount of Netflix, a whole audio book and painting my nails on a regular basis like someone with their life together.

Essay writing tips

Not to toot my own horn too much, but I've always had a bit of a knack for essay writing. I can't do long division for the life of me, nor am I all that great at applying eyeliner, but I do like to think that I'm alright when it comes to getting my thoughts onto paper. That's not to say that I absolutely adore the process of essay writing. But, it definitely doesn't daunt me as much as, say, mental maths. I feel like over the years I've created a system that makes the whole thing a lot less stressful. And that's coming from someone who is a very naturally stressed out person.

At the risk of this being the most boring thing that I will ever post, I thought I would share with you how I go from essay title to 2,000 words in a matter of days. If you already have a system that works, stick with that. But if essays leave you wanting to gouge your own eyes out, maybe this will help.

22 thoughts you have on a student night out

Okay, I have an hour to eat something seriously carby, have a shower, dry my hair, pick an outfit and  make myself look like a 10. I'm kind of regretting that last episode of "Jane the Virgin".

I literally hate everything I own...Kim Kardashian doesn't have to put up with this bullshit.

I don't even want to go out. Why do I put myself through this?

Girl Love #2

For those of you that didn't catch the first ever edition of 'Girl Love', let me fill you in. In the wake of International Women's Day, I decided that I wanted to create a new series dedicated to introducing you to some absolute girl bosses each month. These are the kind of women that are a very welcome break among seas of online negativity. They repeatedly create content that leaves me feeling inspired and like an absolute badass. And who doesn't want to constantly feel inspired and like an absolute badass? Exactly.

You're definitely going to thank me for introducing you to the three beauties I have to share with you today. They'll make you want to get creating, to get on your grind and will probably also make you snort your tea out of your nose from laughing. Perfect.

How to pretend that you're a proper adult

I don't do my washing until I'm on my last pair of knickers, it's lucky if I leave the house in matching socks and I regularly forget to turn the oven off when I'm finished with it. But apparently I've been an 'adult' for over a year now. Frankly, I'm not quite sure who decided I was ready for that level of responsibility. I mean, I definitely don't know anything about taxes. Alas, here I am. I've been utterly thrown in the deep end of adulthood. Okay, maybe the mid-depth end that means you live away from parents but still have to uni authoritues. Either way, I haven't yet mastered anything beyond a doggy paddle.

I am very good at pretending I have my life toegther, though. It's a talent, really. Which is why I thought I would share with you some simple ways to pretend that you don't have a pile of washing the  same heigh as you perched precariously on your swivle chair.

Things I'm scared of

I realise that for someone looking at my blog it's easy to believe that I have my life entirely together. A mixture of good lighting, photography backgrounds and the fact that I write the vast majority of my blog posts when I'm feeling positive, means that everything looks pretty damn perfect. I do love my life; I wouldn't change it for the world. But I hate to think that I'm contributing in any way to this global problem of people using what they see online as a marker of success. I don't like the idea that someone will look at my page and then, consciously or otherwise, feel shitty about the fact that they're behind on work and haven't eaten an avocado in months. That goes against everything I want to achieve through Curly and Wordy.

I promote positivity and I am constantly striving to live a more positive existence, but it's humanly impossible to be happy all of the time. Everybody on this earth has their issues and their fears. So, in an attempt to prove to you that you're no alone in occasionally feeling like the world is a big ball of crappiness, I've decided to share with you a list of things that scare me about life, the future and being a human.

Links to click when you first wake up

I like to pretend that I'm a modern-day snow white. In my mind, I get straight out of bed when my alarm goes off, make myself a green juice and then hop on my yoga mat for some sun salutation practice before lectures. The reality? Usually, me making my way through all of my social media pages until I can bring myself to leave my cosy blanket cocoon. Hey, don't judge me, I'm trying to work on it. Not that I think I need to defend myself because I'm sure the vast majority of you are in the same boat as me. We all like an early morning scroll, right? Still, I'm sure we can agree that it's probably not the best way to start the day. Especially if you spend the whole time looking at Kim K's selfies whilst whispering "damn daniel". But I genuinely believe that the internet can be a wonderful and inspiring place when you look hard enough.

I understand that when you first wake up, it's much easier to default onto the search page of Youtube than to go digging through the depths of google for something to get to get you pumped for the day. So, I've saved you the trouble. Bookmark the links bellow and you will have the perfect little collection of internet loveliness to begin your day right.

'Relationship Goals'

You're sitting at home, sipping on your green tea like the health conscious honey you are, scrolling through Instagram. A new account has caught your eye, it's got that slick neutral toned theme that we all secretly aspire to and it seems like it might even be worthy of your highly coveted follow. Then it hits you. You realise you're scrolling through the Instagram of someone who brunches with bae 3 times a week, has a pregnancy snapback so strong it looks like witchcraft and gets given Victoria's Secret undies every Friday from their significant other like they're flowers from the reduced section of Tesco. Suddenly that date night at Nandos when you laughed so hard your refillable Fanta came out of your nose doesn't feel like such a happy memory anymore. It's been tainted by those #relationshipgoals.

15 things that Instagram makes you believe

Listen, I love a bit of Instagram. I love a healthy serving of Lush 'bath art'. I love those inspiring 'it's Monday but I believe in you' kind of quotes. I love a mirror selfie with a sarcastic caption of some kind. And I don't even want to know many miles I've scrolled with my right thumb alone. It genuinely scares me.

786 posts into my journey, I like to think that I know the insta ropes pretty well by now. But, it is easy to forget sometimes just how contrived a lot of the shots you see on your internet travels are. Do you understand how long it takes me to get the angle of my croissant on the edge of that coffee picture just right? Longer than I would care to admit. With that in mind, I don't often get sucked in by toxic, jealous thoughts regarding crushed avocado all that often. I have been there, though. More than once. So, I consider myself as qualified enough to share with you 15 things that Instagram makes you temporarily believe, before you come to your real world senses again.

9 reasons to be glad spring is upon us

I feel like the next sentence could leave me shunned from the blogging community indefinitely, but I can't hold my secret in any longer: I don't like autumn. To me, it encompasses all of the bad aspects of winter (it being bloody freezing 24/7 and dark before 3pm) without the good aspects (Christmas). Yes, the Starbucks seasonal drinks are tasty and I get that you like wearing baggy jumpers. But how that can make walking through a drizzly, dark London with soggy leaves stuck to the shoes even slightly bearable I will never understand.

Anyway, as you can imagine, I'm more than a little bit happy that Spring is officially upon us. Now that the clocks have shifted forward, leaves have stopped falling to their deaths in aid of our autumnal Instagram shots and the weather has finally hit the double figures, I can remember once again what it feels like to be alive. I can actually feel my hands! Whilst most of the blogging community has gone into mourning over the loss of orange hues, I'm dancing on their grave. Not that I have anything against orange in general, just what it represents in this context...

To help you through this traumatic time, I thought I would share with you some of the reasons why you should be happy to have Spring with us once again.

Favourite Things: March

Mini Eggs 

If you follow me on any social media platforms (which you totally should) then you will not have escaped my constant tweeting/gramming/banging on about my addiction to Mini Eggs throughout March. Basically, every single one of my daily snacks has been replaced with these pastel coloured drops of tastiness. As much as I didn't want to fall in love with them, knowing they will soon disappear off the shelves until next easter, it couldn't be helped. I guess I'll just have to stock up.

Positive thoughts to take into the month: April

I'm not sure you'll need all that much help going into April with a dose of positivity. Granted, it may only last a few hours a day, but the sunshine has certainly put me into the right frame of mind to take on the month ahead. And not even just because it makes for good Instagram lighting. Everything is just that bit better when the sun decides to make an appearance, isn't it?

Just in case you do need a little something something to get you motivated though, here are three positive things to take with you into April.