31 May 2016

Positive thoughts to take into the month: June

I have a good feeling about June. I don't what's sparked it, but I'm just feeling extremely optimistic about the future. I think life is about to get even more bloody wonderful than it currently is. Maybe it's because the sun is shining a little bit more, or because even when it does rain you get that lovely summer rain smell. Or maybe I'm just happy because I'm fully stocked with sweet potatoes again. Either way, I want to spread this happiness to all of my amazing internet chums.

Tomorrow June will be upon us (that means it's officially summer here in the uk, people!) and I want you to go into the month knowing that it only holds positive things. So, instead of falling into the dark side of the internet (I'm looking directly at those negative Tumblr posts), here are three internet destinations guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

30 May 2016

Favourite things: May

At risk of sounding like every other Youtuber/blogger in the world: Jesus, didn't May go by hella fast? My mind is still in April, to be honest. And apart from getting down to some serious blogging business (yay for my most popular post to date) and heading into central London a fair bit, I'm not even sure what I did for the whole of the month. Scary stuff. Kind of like when you commute to work and can't even remember the journey because it's so familiar.

Surprisingly though, I was able to think of a tonne of favourites to include. Perhaps because I got a tad too spendy in May. Ooops.

29 May 2016

Making the jump from university back to home

Come September, the Blogsphere will be flooded with posts about how to make the transition into university as easy as possible. Spoiler alert: It will never be easy. You'll see posts about meal planning and not feeling pressured into being the ideal party-going Fresher and how to be savvy with your measly student loan. Hey, you'll probably see a fair few of those over here on my little corner of the internet, too. I like to try and make your life easier with lessons that will inevitably be ignored because every Fresher makes their own mistakes.

However, I do think there's one thing that's marginally harder than moving from home to uni: moving back from uni to home. Granted, you get your food cooked for you and it's great to be able to see all of the people you've missed over the past year. But still, you will undoubtedly mourn your independence and ability to eat Pot Noodles at 4am. If you just shed a tear at that prospect, I'm not judging you. We all know the struggle. Anyway, in a weird kind of post that is the antithesis of 'Fresher's guidance', here's a little something something to help you stay sane and keep you from throwing flip flops at family members over the summer. You're all welcome.

28 May 2016

Thoughts you have in LUSH

I can’t see it but I can smell it. Nose, guide me to heaven.

Okay. I have to stay focused this time. I’m just going to get the essentials: a cleanser, a scrub…and maybe like one bath bomb. But that's it.

OOOOH they have the new Father's Day collection out. I mean, it's limited edition so I should deffo go and look. For Dad, obviously.

It’s like a pyramid but made out of bath bombs. Who needs Egypt when you can get to Kingston on the 72 bus?

26 May 2016

The Mooncup will change your period and life

Let's all put our big girl pants on, because we're going to be talking about periods. Again.

I won't blame you if you've never heard of the Mooncup before. As I mentioned in my last ranty post about periods and what we're not taught, there's a distinct lack of them in the widespread media and sexual education. Honestly, I only know about these majestic silicon lovelies because I follow the right kind of people on social media. The kind of people that are more than willing to discuss vaginas and saving the planet all in one breath. If you don't have those kinds of people filling up your twitter feed, I would definitely recommend you follow some.

Anyway, I digress. Today I want to talk about why I think everybody should try menstrual cups as an alternative to pads and tampons. "But what's a menstrual cup, Beth?" I hear you cry. Well, I'm glad you asked, my internet chum. Menstrual cups are small cups (obviously) that are made of medical grade silicone and are inserted into the vagina to catch any blood during your period. They have teeny tiny holes in the lip of the cup to form suction once inside, in order to avoid leaks. I know, it looks a bit scary. But just trust me with this one.

25 May 2016

Things that the first year of university taught me

Back in September I left home, moved to London and began this massive adventure called Uni. I didn't feel prepared in the slightest (despite the hours spent reading articles online about Fresher's Week and the agonising decisions regarding which crockery set to buy). And honestly, I kind of wasn't. I don't think anybody is truly ready for university.  I learnt more in the first week of higher education, before lessons had even started, than I had in my two years of Sixth Form. It was definitely an experience.

Over the year, the lessons just kept on coming. I mean, yeah, I learnt I hell of a lot about Shakespeare and about how to write an essay that was actually kind of good. But those are all sort of minor in comparison to the things living alone taught me about life, people and myself.

24 May 2016

What to do when you lose yourself

I've felt a bit lost recently. A bit like my purpose disappeared the moment I handed in my final assignment for First Year at uni. I thought I would be elated ('No more essays until September, baby!') , but in reality I was just left feeling unsure about what life would mean without the ever looming presence of Turnitin. It's not like I have to read three books a week anymore and then write 2000 words on how physical space is used to depict power. And yes, that was an actual question I had to answer.

I feel like it's probably something we all experience at some point. Life just means that you lose yourself from time to time amongst the madness. But it's okay because you can always find yourself again. It just might take a bit of time.

20 May 2016

7 things to remember as summer approaches

Summer is my favouite season for two reasons. 1. Sunshine makes everything better, and 2. you don't spend 70% of your day hoisting the crotch of your Primark tights up. That's a pretty win-win situation if you ask me. Now, I don't want to speak too soon, but the rain has become slightly less heavy recently, right? I feel like summer is just around the corner for us Brits. As I said before, I've seen the signs, dodgy tan lines and all.

Since a visit from the sun is such a rare occasion for us Brits, I've taken the liberty of making a list of things you need to remember as summer emerges from its way too deep sleep. You're welcome. 

18 May 2016

12 things it's totally okay to buy as a blogger

Theoretically, blogging is probably on the cheaper end of the hobby spectrum. All you need is access to the internet and some ideas that you want to share with the world. It's not like it's the monetary equivalent of being a member of a premier whisky tasting club, that have a biannual yacht trip to Monaco. You can blog from the comfort of your Primark duvet, with your purse on the other side of the room. I can practically hear my bank account thanking me.

Of course, that's only in theory. Once you add in the fact that blogging goes hand in hand with scrolling through a lot of beautiful Instagram flat lays...well, let's just say it becomes a hell of a lot harder not to buy that rose gold phone case. It's not rare to hear us justify a rather hefty chunk of money leaving our student loan with the statement "But I absolutely need this for a blog post!" Yes, the word "need" may seem tenuous to some when used in regards to sparkly washi tape. But they wouldn't understand, they're not a blogger.

17 May 2016

What they didn't teach us about our periods

I've already told you how woefully inadequate I consider the British education system to be, on account of the fact that I can tell you a hell of a lot about the structure of a triangle but had to self-teach myself the basics of how to be a functioning adult. I won't harp on about that. Today I want to talk more specifically about 'sexual education' in England. Even more specifically, I want to talk about our periods and what we're not taught in schools.

16 May 2016

A thoughtful gift guide

Not to toot my own horn too much, but I'm a bloody good present giver. I like to think that it's one of my main talents in life. I know it's not exactly on par with being able to paint masterpieces, but I still love the fact that I'm able to make people smile. As birthdays approach, I go all fuzzy inside at the prospect of deciding (and prettily wrapping) a present. It really does make me happy.

Now, I suppose I should enter a disclaimer here, shouldn't I? Lest I be thrown into an internet shit storm about how materialistic I am. Listen, relationships aren't all about gifts. In fact, there are roughly 10,000 things that are more important, including showing compassion, listening and, you know, actually liking each other. But when you have got all of that mastered (or are at least trying your best), it's still nice to give someone a little something something as an extra way of showing them just how much you care.

I know that as a student, gifting isn't the easiest. Especially if you have your heart set on buying your bestie a Michael Kors watch but can only afford one of those edible ones you buy in corner shops.  Honestly though, I feel like a budget can seriously up your present giving skills. It means that some real thought has to go into the gift. It's definitely not easy to be mindless when you have a student loan to consider. Since I've somewhat perfected the art of gift giving on a budget, I thought I would give you some giftspiration for the next time you need it.

14 May 2016

Girl Love #3

This blog series is very quickly becoming like a child to me, minus the bad bits like nappy changing/the prospect of teen rebellion. Honestly, it worries me just how attached I've become. I want to put pictures of it in my purse to show to slightly freaked out strangers on public transport. I want to make it feel awkward by constantly talking to it about its conception. When I press publish the feeling is very akin to how I imagine you would feel as you send your firstborn to school. And no, this child metaphor hasn't got away from me just a little bit... 

For those of you that can't yet understand why I'm so weirdly obsessed with what is essentially some coding, let me fill you in. I love showing my fellow powerful women some love. And this is where I do just that. Girl Love was created in the wake of Internation Women's Day, when I decided that I wanted to create a space within which I can introduce you to some absolute girl bosses each month. These are the kind of women that are an extremely welcome break among seas of online negativity. They create content that both inspires me personally and is making a difference in the online world. 

13 May 2016

My (realistic) evening routine

I love social media. I really do. But if there's one thing that leaves me shouting at my laptop screen, before temporarily deciding to quit the internet altogether, it's unrealistic "evening routines". Honestly, does anyone actually get all of their emails done, have a long relaxing bath after a quinoa based dinner and then do meditation all in the space of one evening? Without even one episode of Jane the Virgin before bed? I mean, I'm sure those kinds of people exist, but I'm certainly not one of them. And the chances are that neither are you, my friend.

Don't get me wrong, I have a total soft spot for reading posts about people's various 'routines' since my DNA is composed of 90% nosiness (the other 10% is halloumi). I guess I just find it hard to relate to people that seemingly have their lives together in every single way. Like, they even moisturise their feet before they go to sleep! Next to that kind of adult mastery, my evening routine won't look anything more than sub-par. But I'm sharing it anyway.

12 May 2016

Why you should get outside more

As a blogger/social media lover/anybody living in 2016, it can be easy to forget to go outside sometimes. It sounds crazy, but I think we all do it to a certain extent. I mean, when you can have so many varied experiences from the comfort of your bed, it seems less necessary to open your front door. You can literally see the world in the palm of your hand, so why would you want to walk down your street in the mediocre English weather? Even if it's not a conscious thought process - which I don't think it is for most people - I'm sure we've all had days when it gets to 10:30pm and you suddenly realise you haven't left your room, let alone the house.

I love getting into the fresh air and I love going for long walks, but all too often I find myself procrastinating on Instagram and tweeting about its new feed layout. It's madness. So, recently, I've been making a conscious effort to get outside more. I've been treating it as a priority in my life and I'm already seeing the benefits.

11 May 2016

My favourite Lush products

I like to think of myself as a very strong willed induvidual in terms of saving money. But when it comes to Lush Cosmetics, I have zero self-control. If I take a trip to my local store, it's pretty safe to say that I will leave with way more than I antidipated, be that in the form of fresh face masks, bath bombs or shower gels. It's just all so damn tempting! However, I never feel too guilty, since I know the products are doing good for the environment and tend to last a lot longer than regular drugstore brands. Although one of my favourite things to do is trial new Lush goodies, I also have an array of favourites that I buy every time I step into a shop. 

7 May 2016

Things to do when you have nothing to do

As I may or may not have mentioned in previous posts (I totally have mentioned it), I have officially completed year one of university. Firstly, can we talk about how quickly that whizzed by? I mean, I think I'm still a tiny bit drunk from Fresher's Week. Secondly, let's do a little victory dance to celebrate me. I made it, guys! Aside from the dancing, I've been celebrating my newly found freedom through the means of laying in bed all day, watching Netflix and enjoying the luxury of having someone else cook me dinner. It's been glorious.

But there's only so much Netflix watching a girl can do. Or there's only so much that she should do, anyway. I'm determined not to waste the long expanse of time that I have before me, even though, technically, I have nothing that I need to get done. When I think of it like that, the lack of purpose scares me a little bit, which is why I'm trying so hard to treat it as an opportunity. As far as I'm concerned, my 24/7 relaxation period is over and it's time to get my productivity levels back up again.

Just in case you're facing the same dilemma as me - wanting to be productive but not sure what to actually get done - here are some ideas for what to do, when you have nothing to do.

6 May 2016

Signs that the British summer is soon to be upon us

It's really not anywhere near summertime yet here in the UK, but with the way the weather has been acting, it wouldn't be hard to think it was. I'm not sure how we went so swiftly from that snow we had a few weeks ago to this glorious sunshine. It happened though, and I'm just hoping that it sticks around for a while.

As a lot of you will know, I'm a summer girl at heart. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Christmas and all that jazz, but it my eyes nothing beats a long hot day, with a book and no other priorities. So, when I start to see summer slowly creeping into my life, I can't help but feel like a giddy child. Thanks to the insanely nice weather recently (although, honestly, whilst I look out of my window right now it's not all that peachy), I've been seeing plenty of hints that summer is on the way. And if I haven't seen them yet, I'm sure I will soon.

5 May 2016

My 5 step 'get-shit-done' routine

I like a lazy day as much as the next person. In fact, there's little I enjoy more than laying in bed for two hours after I wake up, reading and drinking tea with no idea what the next 24 hours may hold. Alas, it isn't possible to have such gloriously pointless days every day. Sometimes, I just need to get off my backside and get stuff done. And for such days, there are 5 steps I take to (almost) guarantee  serious levels of productivity.

4 May 2016

Some thoughts on bras

I've always been a fan of pretty underwear. And I've always said that when I make my millions, the first thing I will invest in is an extensive lingerie collection (and a mansion in the South of France to strut around in the aforementioned undies in). Make something silk or lace with applique detailing and you definitely won't be needing to convince me to buy it. Still, I can't quite decide what feeling is better: knowing that under your jeans and t-shirt is the most glamorous set of undies you own, or taking your bra off at the end of the day? It truly is one of life's unanswerable.

It's not like I'm the only one who's been questioning the bra either. They, and boobs in general, have definitely been on the internet agenda in recent years. 'Free the Nipple'. Kim K's selfies. Tumblr feminists. They've all had their part to play in making the bra something which is actually talked about, as opposed to something that just sits under your top digging into your ribcage whilst simultaneously boosting you up two cup sizes.

The whole thing can get people very heated (and not just in a boob sweat kind of way). On the one hand, you have the screams of "Bras are unnatural weapons of repression! Stop sexualising the boob!" On the other hand, you have the whimpers of "I'm a DD and I might actually cause some serious damage if I run up the stairs". I mean, I totally get both sides of the argument. But frankly, I don't care whether you wear a bra or not. I definitely don't think that wearing a bra makes you less of a feminits or that not wearing one makes you less of a woman.

I've decided to prove my rather on-the-fence point in the only way I know how. I have compiled some lists. Lists to prove to you that it's cool if you want to wear a bra and equally cool if you do not.

1 May 2016

Positive thoughts to take into the month: May

As I write this post, the sun is shining through the window of my bedroom and I've officially finished all of my assignments for year one at uni. If that's not something to be happy about, then I don't know what is. But those aren't the only reasons that my positivity is at an all time high. I feel like the internet has just been a very happy place for me over the past month. Somehow I've managed to stumble into the right corners of the internet and have left with some absolute gems.

As I do at the start of every month, it's time to share with you some of the positivity that the internet has to offer, to get your April off to the best start possible.