How to make the heat your bitch

The heat and I have a love-hate relationship. We’re kind of like a hormonal teenage couple, who are showing some serious PDA one minute and then screaming at each other the next. Whilst there’s little I love more than laying in the sunshine with a book, you can pretty much guarantee that within an hour I will be burnt with a big ol’ side of heat rash. It ain’t pretty.

My skin has always been insanely sensitive, so I can’t even remember a summer when I didn’t have a substantial amount of stinging and itching to face. But that also means that I’ve got pretty damn good at knowing how to deal with and prevent the plethora of problems that occur during the hot months. Whether you’re heading abroad this August or are catching the sun while it lasts at home, here are some tips for keeping yourself feeling generally BeyoncĂ©-like despite the heat.


Ugh, there’s nothing worse than when you’re so sweaty that you look like you’ve dipped your head into a swimming pool. Having my hair, which is probably already rather frizzy, sticking to my back is not the look I’m going for at the beach. Over the past few months, knowing that my trip to Greece was coming up, I’ve spent time perfecting messy buns, which keep my hair off the back of my neck and stop me going slightly insane as a consequence.

Hats the size of houses 

My mum used to tell me every summer to wear a hat, but did I ever listen? Nope. And did I get heat stroke? Yep.

For those days when a messy bun just doesn't match my "I'm a massive tourist" aesthetic, I’ve truly been embracing wearing huge floppy hats to keep the sun out of my face. Even though it can create some more head sweat, it stops me getting burned and can double as a fan when I’m sitting in the shade. Win – win. I bought mine for £4 in Urban Outfitters in the sale (who knew there was anything in UO for £4?!), which is an absolute bargain considering how much I use it.

Decent sun cream

There was a point in my life where if I wore sun cream, I’d get a rash and if I didn’t I’d get burnt. I felt like I couldn’t win. But then I invested in Piz Buin (which is breathtakingly expensive in comparison to average brands) and it changed my life. Not only does it smell gorgeous, but it’s not oily like the kind you can buy in most supermarkets, so it rubs in like a dream. It’s the only one I’ve ever tried that leaves my skin smooth, not burnt and not rashy. In my books, that's definitely worth the money.


You know I’m a total hippie and so try to avoid unnatural remedies where possible, but this girl needs all the help she can get. Piriton is an Antihistamine and is an absolute savior if you suffer from heat rash. Just take one in the morning (as long as you're not planning on drinking) and you're good to go.

Water yourself

Do you really need another person telling you that it’s important to drink water, and lots of it, all year round? Yes you do. Granted, when I’m on holiday I would much rather be downing margaritas, but I force myself to hydrate lest I be left unable to sleep thanks to heat stroke. I think it’s also super important to invest in a glass or metal water bottle, not simply because it means less plastic waste, but because when the plastic in shop-bought water bottles gets hot it releases the chemical BPA. Studies have shown that this can mess with your hormones, which I’m pretty sure nobody wants. I spoke about my cute pink one in my last favourites post and taking this bad boy to the beach has been my savior!



  1. i look forward to reading your posts so much, i stupidly managed to get heatstroke a few months ago and it was such a bitch. i definitely need to invest in a good old hat.
    jen | velvet spring.

    1. That is so sweet! Thank you Jennifer, you've made my day! xx

  2. I live in perpetual Summer for the last 19 years of my life, and let me tell you, sunscreen and giant hats is a must! Haha! Thanks so much for the tips!

    xx BASH |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    1. I don't know how you cope! I'm glad you enjoyed it xxx

  3. I'm off to Spain next week and will definitely be following these tips - maybe I can pick up a big hat in the summer sales!xx

    LUCY |

    1. Ooooh have a great time! I hope you find one! xx