A gift guide for your feminist friends

If there's two things that I love in the world it's Christmas and feminism. I guess you could say that I'm team "more glitter, less patriarchy". So, the idea of bringing together my festive spirit and feminist angst in the form of one girl-celebrating gift guide made my heart sing. I'm all for supporting the online girl gang and this was my chance to showcase some absolutely badass independent shops, to people who I know will appreciate it - you lot.

Yes, you might still have to buy Auntie Mavis a candle. Yes, your brother is still getting a Lynx deodorant set. But my-oh-my are those feminist friends of yours in for a treat! We've got glitter, puns and ovaries galore here, girls. What's not to love?

Menstrual cup pin
A girl should be two things wash bag
Grow a pair embroidery
"Smash the patriarchy" sticker
Emmeline Pankhurst mug
Boob t-shirt
Feminist sticker set
Riots not Diets mug
Destroy the patriarchy not the planet t-shirt
Viva La Vulva embroidery
Tina Fey'k it 'Til You Make It print
Empowered women print
I'm not sorry mug
Boob planter
Less bitchin print
Smash the patriarchy banner
"Me" self-love t-shirt
Colour her colouring book
Some Cliche bullshit print
Wank an illustrated book of female masturbation
Lady Wood album by Tove Lo
Girl Gang pencils


  1. These all look so brilliant, nothing like a lil' bit of kitsch, feminist crafts. Love, love, love!


    1. Thank you, lovely! I need them all! xx

  2. omg yes! that little boob cactus pot is a dream, i'd be so happy if i received any of these!
    jen / velvet spring xxx

    1. Isn't it just the cutest little thing?! xxx