24 January 2017

6 ways that you can support women, now that the march is over

On Saturday, millions of badass people worldwide marched in solidarity with our sisters in America, following the inauguration of a president who fuelled his campaign on hate. Here in the UK, we made London come to a literal standstill. 100,000 of us got our voices heard and let the government know that we, and our desire for equality in all areas of life, were not going away any time soon. As I said in my post about the march, being part of a protest so full of hope was a nourishing experience. It reaffirmed in me that the future will be better than the present, as long as we keep working for it.

Persistence in matters like this is invaluable. We did the march, we chanted, we showed that we care about women's rights, so now is the time to pledge to ourselves that we will take long-term action. That's when change really begins.

Whether you were able to be a part of the Women's March or not, there are so many ways that you can help the cause. These are just a few of them to get you started. If you know of any more, leave them in the comments bellow and let's keep this revolution going!

Sign the 50/50 parliament petition 

If you were at the rally, you would have heard all about the work of the 50/50 parliament. What they want is simple and, frankly, common sense: a parliament that represents men and women in relatively equal measures. Only 23% of MPs are women, which means a hell of a lot of unused potential and laws that are too often created for men, by men. We've seen the power that misogyny has in politics over the past year, so start to make a change here in the UK and sign a petition to get women equally represented in parliament.

Join the Green Party or The Women's Equality Party 

Sadly, these were the only two parties that publicly supported the march. Politics is such a personal thing, but I would highly recommend researching these amazing, empowering parties to see if one of them might be for you. If they're not, then talk to local MPs of your party and see what they're doing to help women.

Donate to 'Hope not Hate' 

I spoke to one of the Hope not Hate ambassadors at the march and they are a truly incredible group of people. Created as an antidote to the politics of hate, they have launched a series of campaigns including "Right to Remain" and "#moreincommon", all of which seek to be inclusive and spread hope.

Amplify those voices that have less privileged than you 

This is a huge one. Recognising your privilege and acting as a megaphone for those that don't share your privilege is one of the main things that you can do to empower women. Women that are poor, women of colour, women in the LGBT+ community and disabled women should all be involved in the feminist movement and not be silenced by white, straight, able-bodied, wealthy women who are lucky enough to have a bigger platform. It doesn't cost anything to spread the online love by reading and sharing the thoughts of people that have had a different experience of feminism to you.

Help Repeal the 8th

Women's sexuality is one of those things that has been seen as dangerous for generations and we all know that that needs to stop. Unbelievably, in Ireland it is still illegal to get an abortion. Sign the petition and help to make those disgusting laws change. We need to give women a choice so that they feel safe in their own country.

Send an email to Trump 

Amnesty International are an absolutely amazing organisation who deserve all of the support in the world. At the moment, they're running a campaign that means you can send a pre-written email to Trump's office on your behalf, to ask him to denounce his hate-filled rhetoric and protect those that are fleeing conflict, stop the sales of weapons to countries that abuse human rights, close the Guantánamo Bay Detention Camp, renounce torture and uphold protections for human rights defenders.



  1. I LOVED this Bethany. I live in a country where openly protesting/demonstrating for anything at all is illegal, and I so dreadfully wished that I was able to attend one of the marches that happened. Being able to support women in other ways despite not being at the march is such a wonderful thing.

    Thank you so much for sharing this!!


    1. Thank you, May! That's such a shame but, yes, there are tonnes of other ways that you can support women that need it right now. Thanks for reading xx

  2. This is brilliant I've done most of these things but I'm about to donate and sign to repeal the 8th right now, thank you for letting me know how I can help. I was so gutted that I couldn't be there for the march, I was looking through photos before and cried because of the solidarity against such a hateful person!


    1. Thank you Ciara! It was a very emotional experience! Don't worry that you couldn't make it, it doesn't mean you're not helping the cause in other ways xx