17 March 2017

How you can download better sleep

I feel like 90% of my Bloglovin' feed these days revolves around sleep. Be it how to banish coffee after 4pm or the 75 bedtime meditation practices that you need in your life, one thing is clear: The bloggersphere is pretty bloody keen on getting the most out of their 8 hours. And so, being the contrary little bugger that I am, I didn't want to write this post.

I've been sitting on it for months now. "Sure, I'll tell all of my real-world friends about how my sleeping patterns have been utterly revolutionized, but I refuse to add to the online conversation. I refuse to be that blogger. And whilst I'm at it let me throw away all of my beautiful little cacti plants because I need to be, like, different."

Then I realized how full of crap and embarrassing I was being and this post was (finally) born. It's sensible, hopefully helpful to anybody else who struggles getting to sleep, and not at all #edgy. Enjoy!

Sleep Cycle 

Maybe it's just because I'm a little bit of a control freak, but I love the fact that this app allows me to track my sleeping habits. It tells me when I've been in deep sleep, light sleep and whenever I've woken up during the night based on movement and noise tracking. It means that I actually know how many hours of sleep I've had, not just how long I've been in bed. Because we all know those figures can be wildly different!

But the best part of this app is its alarm feature. Unlike your phone's built-in alarm, this bad boy wakes you up when it's beneficial for you. Through tracking your movement, it goes off when you are most awake within a half an hour window. This has made waking up every morning 100x easier. It makes me feel like I've actually had a decent amount of shut-eye and haven't instead rolled straight out of a grave.

Sleep With Me Podcast 

My biggest struggle when I'm trying to get to sleep is switching my brain off. Why would I want to lay in silence when I could be watching 5 Lush haul videos on the trot? Or contemplating the origins of the universe?

That's why Sleep With Me is an absolute saviour. The podcast is basically a bedtime story that gets progressively more boring as it goes along. So, whilst it gives me to something to focus on, it doesn't require any major attention. To be fair, I'm only able to review roughly the first 20 minutes of each show, because I've always fallen asleep by that point. I guess that's got to be a good sign!



  1. I don't think I can use sleep cycle because I'd be sleeping in all the time! But sleep with me sounds different and fun. I use the rain rain app to get to sleep, especially the thunder storm setting, so comforting.


    1. You set it to go off within a half an hour gap - so if you wanted to wake up at 7 it would go off when you're most awake between 6:30 and 7 xx

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