12 things that happen when you're obsessed with wellness blogs

Ask anybody that knows me and they'll probably tell you that I'm a "little bit of a hippie". As much as I may protest that fact (I wear jeans, dammit), I have to admit that even as I write this post I'm sat with a cup of fresh ginger tea and am diffusing lavender oil. I don't know how it happened, one day I just looked up and owned a Himalayan salt lamp! The truth is that I kind of fell into the online world of wellness and decided to stick around for a bit.

If you're anything like me and have found a passion for essential oils and pre-lecture yoga sequences thanks to the online sphere, I'm sure you'll recognise these 12 side effects of wellness addiction.

You begin the seemingly never-ending journey to find a natural deodorant that actually works.

Your kitchen cupboards are made up of at least 50% powders. Matcha, wheatgrass, turmeric - I'm looking at you.

Most of your income goes towards buying essential oils because a work day without ylang-ylang seems unbearable.

You use phrases like "high frequency" without even flinching.

Bamboo features a lot more in your daily routine than you thought was possible.

Listing what teas you have to offer guests takes a solid 3 minutes. "Oh, just a regular breakfast tea? Alright then..."

You forget that not everybody knows what oil pulling it.

"Namaste" isn't just something that you say at the end of a yoga class anymore.

You understand the difference between a cooling and an energizing breath, but you're not sure how.

The fact that you basically have to remortgage your house to buy a fresh juice becomes less and less shocking every time you do it.

Salt isn't just salt anymore.

Apple cider vinegar becomes an actual part of your morning routine and you regret laughing at it when it first became a trend.


  1. Haha I loved this! I feel like I'm in the same boat as you.


  2. Accurate! By the way, which natural deodorant have you found best so far? I keep thinking I've found The One but seems I'm still in the market. Please don't say Lush powder ones though! xx


    1. Haha thanks Hannah! My favourite so far is Pitrok - like all other natural deodorants it doesn't stop you sweating completely but it definitely stops the smell. I use the solid one. xx