9 August 2017

3 documentaries that changed my life

I'm not a TV person. And when I am, it's usually so long after everyone else was watching the show that I can even safely navigate Twitter without having to worry about spoilers. I wait until a show has been heavily recommended (and is a strong match on my Netflix account and will solve all of my worldly problems) before even clicking play on that first episode. I guess you could say that I have programme commitment issues. I mean, I haven't even watched any Game of Thrones yet...

However, when I do get into a TV programme, I really get into it. Not only do I watch them, I re-watch them and tell all of my friends to watch them too. Usually those shows are documentaries (though I do make exceptions for Jane the Virgin and Love Island). Since TV isn't the way that I wind down, I don't mind having my beliefs shaken up a bit when I sit down on my sofa. In fact, I would go as far as saying that most of my favourite documentaries have changed my life.

These four shows have completely revolutionised the way I shop, talk and see the world. They're all under two hours long but they've all had a lasting impact.

The True Cost 

As you will know if you've been around these parts for any amount of time, my wardrobe has recently undergone a revolution. I've stopped buying on the highstreet and started becoming accountable for how ethical my clothing is. And I have this documentary alone to thank for that.

Prior to watching it I never really thought about how damaging fast fashion was, not just for the people making the clothes, but for the environment too. It taught me that, as a consumer, my power lies in my money. It's up to me to not fund clothing brands that exploit workers, pollute the environment and have a complete lack of transparency in their supply chains.

Although it's heartbreaking, I think this should be compulsory watching for everyone.

I am not your Guru: Tony Robbins

Somehow, despite being a total self-help whore, I hadn't heard of Tony Robbins or his incredible work until this flashed up on my recommended list on Netflix. He's a life coach, author and philanthropist who allowed a TV crew to go behind the scenes of one of his annual conferences, "Date with destiny". In the film you see how he is able to interact with people to change their mindsets and allow them to become their best, motivated selves.

Now, Tony is kind of like Marmite. But I for one love him. I am truly amazed by the way that he interacts with people to get then out of their harmful patterns and I even try to implement many of his techniques in my daily life. I left the film feeling inspired and ready to get on my grind. However, even if you don't like his methods personally, it's a beautifully made documentary that gives great insight into the more extreme side of self-help.

Like a Virgin: Cherry Healey 

I remember watching this show when I was about 13 and being absolutely enthralled. I think I probably learnt more about sex and relationships in those 60 minutes than I had in all of my sub-par PSHE lessons combined. Cherry talked with (not just about!) loads of teenagers in regards to loosing their virginity, trying to answer the question of whether it is just a case of having sex for the first time or something so much more than that.

I like to think that this is what sparked my interest in talking about taboo topics shamelessly and in a positive and safe way, because this was probably the first time I saw that done.


  1. Saving this post for when I'm back at uni and spending half my life on Netflix. I love a good documentry! The True Cost sounds like something I need to watch, especially as a Geography student!x

    Lucy | lucy-cole.co.uk

    1. Ah I'm so glad it's going to come in handy. Let me know what you think! x

  2. That True Cost one sounds good. Need to check it out!

    Amy // www.thenoiseinwonderland.com

    1. It's incredible! Let me know what ya think xxx

  3. I love documentaries! I definitely need to give the first one a go, I literally just read a post about ethical wardrobes, a very handy post I don't think I would ever have thought to give the first one a go or anything I usually just stick with Louis Theroux but not anymore!
    constantlylibby.blogspot.co.uk x

  4. I'm very interested in seeing the last one you mentioned 'Like a Virgin: Cherry Healey'.
    Think sex could be spoken about a lot more to youngsters.

    I haven't seen any Tony Robbins documentaries but I recently read a book of his and found it to be very helpful!


  5. The True Cost is awesome. Now, I don't want to attempt to convert you to even further hippie ways (read: I kinda do) but have you watched What The Health or Cowspiracy yet? Both are on Netflix if not: they're more about the food industry but the impacts these industries have on the planet and our own health are also so worth learning about and I'm recommending them because they fit hand in hand with The True Cost. xx