Favourite Things: August 2017

August, you have been superb. In fact, I'd go as far as saying that you have been the best month of 2017 so far. Lazy beach days spent reading, nights out eating gyros and Sunday trips to the market have all reminded me why I love Greece so much. Really it was impossible not to have an incredible month when the whole of it was spent in such an incredible country.

On top of that it's just been nice to take a step back from working so hard so much of the time. When I arrived in Greece I had grand plans of writing weekly updates plus other blog posts throughout the month. But as you can see by my sparse posting, that definitely didn't happen. For the first time in what feels like forever I've not been thinking about what content will be out and when. I've just been chilling. And trust me, that's a pretty big deal when you're talking about me, a perpetual stresser and productivity addict. It's just been nice to be lazy. To not set an alarm. To have my only real stress being whether I applied enough bug spray.

The trip is coming to end now (no, you're crying!), so a little post about everything I've been up to on my holibobs is certainly in order. But until then I thought I would share with you my August favourites: All of the things that helped to make this such a bloody lovely month.

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1984 by George Orwell 

As I mentioned in this post, I jetted off to Greece with a pretty hefty reading list. However, with tonnes of beach days scheduled it wasn't as difficult as I expected to tick off the books. And uni course reading certainly doesn't seem such a shore when you have the sea in front of you and an iced coffee by your side!

By far my favourite of all the books I've read this month is Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell.  It is breathtaking and so incredibly clever. It follows the life of Winston and the part he plays in a society that is under constant surveillance. Newspapers, language and history are all being bent to fulfil the needs of those in power. Even "facts" aren't facts any more. Orwell explores the dangers of suppressing individual thought and gives a sometimes scarily accurate portrayal of modern life. You must read it.

Drew Barrymore by Sza 

Hands up if you're late to the Sza bandwagon!

But damn, isn't this woman incredible? I've been listening to her music almost constantly over the past month and have absolutely fallen in love, especially with her song "Drew Barrymore". It's so ridiculously powerful. My words cannot do it justice, so you have to give it a listen.

''I can't even" hat

Honestly, this hat didn't make it onto the list because of its aesthetically pleasing nature (although it does look pretty bloody good with every outfit I've worn on this holiday)! Nope, this bad boy made it on because it has been a beach companion of dreams. I'm pretty confident that it's one of the main reasons that I haven't burnt. When it hasn't been laying flat on my face as I sunbathe, it's been shielding my eyes from the sun whilst I read. I forgot it on one of our trips to the beach and I think it's the most stressed I've been on this whole trip!

Greek Salad 

I can try to imitate a Greek salad in England, but I know it will never been the same. The feta won't be as tangy and the olive oil won't be as glorious. So I've been sure to get my fill whilst I'm here. I've probably had one on the side of a meal or as a meal once a day. I have absolutely zero regrets!

The Body Shop's Skin Defence with SPF 50 

You all know that my skin is insanely sensitive to the heat. If I haven't burnt then I've got heat rash. Yep, even on my face. So this year I decided to invest in The Body Shop's "Skin Defence" SPF, which is actually a moisturiser. This stuff is so light and, unlike most sun creams, isn't sticky and doesn't irritate my face at all. It has UV and UVB protection as well as a serious ability to brighten skin that hasn't been the most hydrated.

Net Bag 

One of my favourite things to do whilst in Greece is to visit the market on a Sunday. Everybody from the surrounding villages congregates and goes for coffee. The atmosphere is incomparable! And it usually ends in me getting gyros, so that's a bonus too.

I used this net bag every time I went browsing for fresh veggies, mainly because it fits more than you would expect and because it makes me look like a cute little zero waste honey. Yay for not using plastic bags! It quickly then became my bag for pretty much everything else because it looks adorable when paired with my holiday uniform of denim shorts and a white t-shirt.

White Charity Shop Skirt 

I found this skirt in a charity shop the day before we flew out and I think it was meant to be. I've wanted one like it for months but hadn't been able to find one that was ethically sourced, so I gave up. Then this little cutie came along, fit perfectly and made me feel like a princess. I had to buy it.

I've been wearing it with my ridiculously large collection of bardot tops and my red ankle strap flats whenever I've had the chance. Plus, because it's white and floaty, it's been keeping that thigh sweat at bay! £3 ain't a bad price for destiny, if you ask me.


  1. so jealous of your little life lately. lush tan, lush greek salads and sunshine. share some with me plz?
    jen, velvet spring x

    1. Girl, I'd share it all with you if I could! xx

  2. greek salad...GET IN MY BELLY. im gonna make myself one for lunch today since reading this post, forgot how much i damn love a greeky sal!

    also that song by sza is beaut, love a new music recommendation and enjoying this one a lot!

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com

    1. Ugh yes nothing like a greeky sal! SO GLAD you like the song! xx