My Favourite Positive Affirmations

Over the past few months I've really started to get in touch with my more spiritual side. After years of fighting the urge, I've finally learnt about crystals, meditation and, perhaps most importantly, the power of positive affirmations and manifesting. Yep, I've gone full-on hippie. I now implement rituals in my daily life that help to keep me centred and I'd say that I'm probably the most calm I've ever been.

I'm by no means an expert yet, but the improvements I've seen in my life are immense. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I've always been a stresser. But these days I like to think that I'm growing out of that. Spirituality has helped me to challenge the habits that have a negative impact on my life. It might not work for everyone, but it certainly works for me.

As I said, it hasn't always been like this. Frankly, I wrote it off as bullshit that I was far too good for for a long time. I used to scoff at the power of words and principles that I now live by. Ain't life funny?

So, I guess this post is a "soz for being so closed minded, universe" kinda post, where I talk about my favourite affirmations and why I now say them on the daily.

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"I expect miracles"

This bad boy was bought to me courtesy of Gabrielle Bernstein, writer of "Spirit Junkie". In the book she says that this is a manifestation that she uses on a daily basis, even setting reminders on her phone that make it flash up on screen. What makes it so incredible is that it doesn't just say "I believe in miracles" (a radical statement in itself), but that you expect them. It basically gives the universe no option but to send incredible shit your way.

"I have all of the time and energy that I need to do all of the things that I love"

I'm a blogger, a freelance writer and a student. If there's one thing your girl needs more of, it's time! I was inspired by Maya from Shameless Maya with this one, as she says something very similar when she feels anxious about her workload. This is a constant reminder that everyone has the same amount of hours in the day as Beyoncé. I have all of the time and the energy that I need to succeed and to achieve everything that I want to. A lack of time is an illusion and usually something that I bring upon myself through lack of organisation or procrastination.

"Money flows to and from me as easily as breath"

As a student, money is something that I used to be worrying about constantly. "When is my loan coming in?" "How am I going to pay this debt?" "I might actually have to live off baked beans for the next fortnight". But if there's one thing that the law of attraction has taught me it's that focusing on lack will only bring more lack.

So now any time that I find that kind of anxiety creeping in, this is what I say. Not only am I simplifying the act of making, but of spending it. It affirms that whenever I need to buy something I will always get that money back again

"I am ready to receive abundance"

This is probably the most important one of them all.

I've learnt over the past few weeks that I have a lot of spiritual blocks that stop me from achieving: I am afraid of greatness, I suffer from a massive case of impostor syndrome, I talk myself out of believing things that are my truth. I'm working on it though and this statement encompasses that: Despite any blocks I used to have, I am now ready to receive whatever you've got for me universe!


  1. I love this post, I've just been drafting one about positive affirmations! As always, yours blows mine out of the water! Excellent post as always. xx

    1. I am so sure that's not true! Be sure to send me a link when yours is live xx

  2. These are lovely anecdotes to remember when life gets a little too much to handle!I particularly like the one from 'Shameless Maya'.

    Great post!


  3. Again, so raw and real. Thank you for sharing these... I will be adding a couple of these to my current daily affirmations Xx

    1. Kynia, you're an angel! Thank you for your sweet words, as always xx

  4. I feel you girl, my mind is also constantly stressing too much and spirituality is really helping here.. Thanks for the book recommendations. And I hope you have a sunny weekend. :)
    x finja ~