My natural summer essentials

 I love the heat, but the heat does not love me. Ever since I was a kid I've suffered from heat rash and frizzy hair as soon as summer hits. However, it will always be my favourite season. I will bask in the sunshine and bathe in SPF 50 until the day I die. I guess it's true what they say: Love hurts (and itches quite a bit too).

Thanks to this love of the warm weather and skin that simultaneously throws a bitch fit because of it, I've had to learn some ways of dealing with the heat. Consider this post to be the 2.0 of last year's post "How to make the heat your bitch". I've spent enough nights tossing and turning to have learnt some new techniques. Which is lucky really since I'm currently in the midst of a month-long trip to Greece.

A little birdie tells me that my chums in the UK aren't having the best weather at the moment but hey, you can't always be #relevant if you schedule posts... I guess this will come in handy if you're off on holiday though. Or, if not, keep it bookmarked until summer 2018!

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Peppermint Cooling Spray 

In the past 12 months I've truly discovered the power of essential oils. Since working with Tender Essence on their blog I've learnt what a massive part they can play in daily life, even when it comes to the beach.

This peppermint spray, inspired by Keri from Shaken Together, is simply made from a mix of water and peppermint. It sounds too simple to work the magic that it does, but trust me, you'll love it. The peppermint not only leaves you smelling incredible, but is super cooling and soothing on hot skin. Just mix together water and 5 drops of peppermint oil in a small spray bottle and shake before spritzing.

Pitrok Natural Deodorant 

Talking of smelling good, a decent deodorant is absolutely essential when it comes to my summer (hey fellow sweaty girls!) I've raved about it before, so I'll keep it short: this deodorant by pitrok is amazing. It's the first completely natural one that I've found that actually works. Plus, it's not a liquid which means that it can be taken in your hand luggage if you're heading on your holibobs!

Coconut Oil 

Is any blogger's "essentials" post complete without coconut oil?

We all know that this is a wonder product, but I find it especially incredible as a hair mask in the summer. It helps to nourish my mane even when summer is set on making it look like straw. I slather it all over and then tie my hair up for an hour, before thoroughly rinsing it out.

Bug Spray 

I must taste delicious because I always end up with 100 bites within a minute of stepping off the plane on holiday. I used to invest in aerosol bug sprays, but now take the natural (but just as effective) route with essential oils. Wellness Mama recommends mixing geranium, citronella, lemon, lavender and rosemary essential oils with vodka, witch hazel and water. It's much nicer on skin but is a combination that works wonders to keep mosquitoes at bay.


  1. Ok, you've FINALLY convinced me to try this deodorant :') Fingers crossed it lasts longer than the Dr Organic which I love but seem to get through in about 3/4 weeks! xx

    1. YES! Success. I hope you love it as much as I do (mine lasts months)! xx

  2. I am making the transition to all natural products as well and your blog is like the holy grail. Thank you Xx

    1. Kynia!! This absolutely made my day. Thank you! xx