My post-meditation playlist

For those of you that don't know, a few days ago there was a full moon. Fortunately, I follow enough spiritual hunnies now on every single one of my social media platforms to not actually forget this time. It's kind of a miracle. Usually it takes at least 4 days before I realise that I've missed it. However, this time around I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and took it as a chance for a bit of a spiritual re-boot.

I can't lie, I've been slacking recently. With uni really kicking off, I've been failing to follow my own advice and have been putting productivity before my self-care rituals. You can slap my hand when you see me, okay? At least I recognised it though (which is more than I've been able to say in the past). So, once the evening hit I did some journaling, set my intentions and left my crystals out to charge. Then I went in for an extra juicy meditation practice. I even had my salt lamp beside me and some sage diffusing. It was pretty bloody glorious, to be honest.

The whole thing reminded me of a post that I've been wanting to write for ages but would've felt like a hypocrite for doing so since I've been letting my meditation sessions slip. I want to talk about post-meditation music. No, not actual meditation music with all of its nature sounds and wind chimes (though, I do love that too). I'm talking about songs that are perfect as you readjust to the world around you but that help to keep those vibrations high. Songs that you can dance to whilst still in a bit of a daze, yet are chill enough to not shock your system. You might not think they are essential listening yet, but they have changed the spirituality game for me. Unfortunately, they ain't easy to come by.

So, yes, this is a very niche blog post. But listening to these songs has helped me to maintain the calm that I cultivate during meditation. It seemed selfish not to share just in case you haven't discovered them yet.

Drew Barrymore by Sza 
Female Energy by Willow Smith 
Love Galore by Sza ft Travis Scott
Grow by Conan Gray 
Beautiful Problem by Mod Sun ft Gnash and Mary Noyes 
Raury Cigarette Song 
Lemondrops by Telana 
Treehouse by Conan Gray 
Fallen by Jaden Smith 
Great One by Jessie Reyez 


  1. I've saved this post so I can check out those songs later after my meditation! :) xx

  2. Oh wow, I will be sure to give these songs a go tonight after some yoga and meditation. Might even treat myself and run a bath whilst listening to them as well, thank you for sharing!

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