My Favourite TED Talks

Ah, Ted Talks. My true motivation saviour for when the middle of the university term hits and I don't physically have the time to pick up any of my favourite self-help books. They're the glorious middle-man between a mindless TV show and an intellectually stimulating novel that requires a dictionary to be understood. And since most of them are available at the click of a button, I don't even have to sacrifice my pasta sauce encrusted hoodie to get all of their inspiring goodness.

Now, I've watched a fair few Ted Talks in my time. Not once have I left them feeling like I've wasted a precious 15 minutes of my life. Let's be honest, if someone is invited to do a Ted Talk, they're going to have something interesting to say! Even if it's about a topic that usually wouldn't interest you in the slightest. However, I do definitely have my favourites. Those ones that leave me all fizzy with excitement and that actually changed how I live my life on a daily basis.

Ted Talk Laptop

Esther Perel's "The Secret to Desire in a Long Term Relationship" 

“marriage [used to be] an economic institution in which you were given a partnership for life in terms of children, and social status, and succession, and companionship. But now we want our partner to still be all of those things and in addition 'I want you to be my best friend and my trusted confidant and my passionate lover to boot'... and we live twice as long!”

As I said in my blog post about having a long distance relationship at university, this quote changed my whole outlook on romantic relationships. In fact, it completely shifted the way I view any type of relationship. It taught me that nobody can be your 'everything' and that to expect that not only puts way too my pressure on the other person, but inevitably sets you up for disappointment. I know, talk about putting a middle finger up to everything society tells women about finding their soul mate.

Patti Dobrowlski's "Draw Your Future"

Patti taught me this simple way to use the law of attraction, before I even knew that law of attraction was a thing. She talks about how the simple act of drawing where you are now in your life and where you want to be can be an extremely powerful tool for mapping out the steps in between. Yes, even if your artistic ability only extends as far as stick figures.

Tracy Macmillan's "The Person You Really Need to Marry"

Again, possibly my first interaction with a topic that is now hugely important in my life: Self-Love. After three marriages ending in divorce, Tracy discusses what she's truly learnt about love throughout her life. She teaches the importance of committing to yourself before you commit to anybody else.

Elizabeth Gilbert's "Your Elusive Creative Genius" 

I mean, we all know how much I love "Big Magic", so of course I love this little beauty too. In it Elizabeth suggests that it is not the case that the occasional person is a genius, but that we all have a genius to play with. It's a concept that, once I fully understood it, allowed me to approach my creative endeavours with a sense of compassion and playfulness that I'd never experienced before.

Amanda Palmer's "The Art of Asking" 

I really don't think that I could ever do justice to this beautiful talk. But I will try: In a world where we are constantly taught to value independence, Amanda argues that there is a power in simply asking. When asking something of someone, we are required to trust, which forms a foundation for meaningful relationships and truly mutually beneficial exchanges.


  1. I really love ted talks! I agree that those fifteen minutes aren't wasted, rather, in really thankful I watched them! I'll definitely check out those you've mentioned.

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