A last-minute ethical gift guide

With just over a week to go before Christmas Day, I think we can officially call any shopping beyond this point "last-minute". Don't worry, don't worry, I'm not judging. I'm certain that I'll have to dash to my local supermarket on the 24th to find something, anything, for that one person who I didn't realise was coming round for Christmas dinner. It happens pretty much every year. The thing is, despite the fact that it happens every year, I never seem to get any better at it. I always end up buying absolute tat that does little more than gather dust/go into the present box to be re-gifted to some other unfortunate soul next festive season. I'm sure I'm not alone. We've all stared at the cosmetics aisle in Tesco, wishing we were at home eating mince pies, before settling on some kind of bath set that contains fluffy socks and a miniature bottle of foot cream.

However, I am determined that this year will be different. At the begging of 2017 I set the goal to be a more conscious consumer and I've been doing pretty well, if I do say so myself. But let me tell you, last-minute shopping alongside aisle and aisles of over-packaged gift sets do not make for the most ethical shopping experience. Which is why I've created this gift guide, mainly to give myself a helpful push when I have a minor meltdown within the next week, but also as a helping hand for you. There are a tonne of more ethical options that aren't hard to get your hands on, be it vegan alternatives, cruelty-free cosmetics or gift-cards for actually feminist brands. Don't let the Christmas stress get to you, my eco-warrior pal. We can do this!

1. Vegan Baileys 

Baileys: The ultimate last minute gift. You only have to travel as far as your local supermarket to get it and it's gloriously festive. Just pop it in a bottle bag and you have the perfect present for pretty much anybody who is of legal drinking age. If you've been online at any point over the last few months then you'll also know that Baileys just released an almond-milk version of their classic flavour. It's sold at Whole Foods, is better for the planet and is in a bloody beautiful bottle. What's not to love?

2. Support your local bookshop! 

Maybe I'm biased, since I am an English Lit student, but I think books are pretty lovely. As gifts, they just feel so personal. Whether you know their tastes extremely well or just check the best-seller lists, I feel like it's going to be a winner. As convenient as Amazon Prime may be, support your local bookshops at this time of year. Help to put the stuffing on somebody's Christmas table!

3. All the Lush 

"Smellies" are another last-minute Christmas classic. I no longer buy products that have been tested on animals and I'm trying to reduce the amount of packaging I purchase, so Lush is the ideal option for my festive shopping. Bath bombs, perfumes, moisturisers and bubble bars all covered in (biodegradable) glitter? Yes please. Plus, they have a tonne of vegan products.

4. Divine Chocolate 

Divine Chocolate is a recent discovery of mine that I'm not quite sure how I ever lived without. Seriously, their cappuccino bar is heavenly! They are also completely fair-trade and owned by the farmers that grow the ingredients, meaning no exploitation. Amazingly, you only need to go to your local Co-Op to get your hands on a bar. Or ten.

5. Teapigs 

Everyone knows a tea lover. Teapigs are an all-natural brand that run sustainable estates that give back to their communities. For every pack of their "Every Day Brew" sold they give money to the Point Foundation who support orphans and vulnerable young people in Rwanda. I've seen their super-tasty teas in Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury's, so they're certainly not hard to come by.

6. Homemade cosmetics 

I recently worked with the essential oil brand Tender Essence to create DIY cosmetic recipes for their blog. Most of them take next to no time, are super simple and use ingredients that we all have in our cupboards. My personal favourites are the coconut oil bath melts and the massage oils.

7/8. Ethical Gift Cards 

If you don't know what to get someone, let them pick it for themselves, ammirite? Gift cards are an absolute saviour at this time of year. If you're looking to be more ethically conscious though, avoid highstreet shops and go for ethical brands instead. Made UK who make beautiful jewellery and Luva Huva who sell stunning lingerie, both of whom I featured in my Feminist Gift Guide, have a gift card option.

9/10. Vegan treats 

Tesco are the place to go for tasty, cheap and super convenient vegan treats. They sell Christmas classics from selection boxes and chocolate coins to gingerbread kits and tiffins. Throw a few of those in with the Nakd Posh Bites and you have yourself an ethical food hamper, my friends.

11. Support a charity 

Oxfam's "Gifts Unwrapped" scheme is an incredible ethical present option for that do-gooder friend or family member. They allow you to make a charitable donation in someone's name towards things like supplying water, food and toilets for communities that are facing disaster or poverty.


  1. I looooove this gift guide, I admire you posting about ethical products and being kinder to the earth! It's definitely something I want to start to focus on and you inspire me to do that too xxx


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