Ethical Mother's Day Gift Guide

I was an ugly baby. There's no escaping it (or the pictures that remain as evidence of it). I've also been told that throughout my first few months I didn't really stop crying unless I was eating. Maybe that's why I feel like giving gifts on Mother's Day is so important: My Mum grew me in her stomach for 9 whole months before, in a feat of the female body that will never cease to amaze me, pushing me out into the world. Yet I was born screaming and looking somewhat like a blob next to my Milky Bar Kid of a brother. I kind of feel like that's a lot of labour for not very much reward...

All joking aside, Mother's are amazing aren't they? Mine is an absolute power house. The kind of Mum who got herself through uni with kids and has had a thriving career ever since. These days she's even a foster carer and I am endlessly in awe of how much of herself she gives to looking after the children who are with her at the moment. What a woman!

I think it's important that we're grateful for our Mamas every single day, but I also think that Mother's Day is an extra excuse to treat her. Since I'm now dedicated to being a more ethical shopper, this year's gift guide took a little longer to put together. However, it was so worth it. There are some real goodies in here that your Mum and your conscience will love! I've got everything from prints and accessories by independent shops to vegan leather goods and cruelty free skincare. Oh, and of course there are some ethical chocolates and flowers in there too. It would have been rude not to!


  1. Awe, this is such a nice post! Happy advanced mom's day to your mama! Anyways, i'm shookt to know we have the same name! I'm a Bethany, too! (but usually, I go by Bee)

    Bee |

    1. Thank you, name buddy! I'm glad you liked the post xx