An Ethical homeware wishlist

When I daydream about my future house (which happens on a pretty regular basis), I see a beautiful, eco-friendly haven. It's full to the brim with plants, jars upon jars of food with no plastic in sight and independently made trinkets that bring me nothing but joy. You can keep your chandeliers and flat screen TVs in the bathroom, I'll just have a vast collection of reusable straws, thank you very much! 

After three years of living in student accommodation - which meant buying everything as cheaply as possible because it would inevitably get broken after nights out - I am so ready to invest in lifelong pieces. In fact, the thought of having some decent quality, ethically made homeware makes me actually tear up. So, in anticipation of moving house (and apparently of being a millionaire) I decided a wishlist is in order. If you're looking for a way to make your house that little bit kinder, you're going to love these beauties. 

We can dream, right?

7. Henri Cushions in MustardEmerald and Blush by Natural Collection

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